Meet Shayne from

A little about Shayne:

I am a city slicker turned country mouse. Left my beloved CT 9 years ago to marry my farmer husband and learn the ropes of cattle and sheep farming. I, however, landed up having a baby and then starting my own small Speciality Cake & Cupcake business and have never looked back. My days are spent playing mom’s taxi, creating gorgeous cakes for my clients, walking through the camps of our farm with a sheep dog, jack russell, two cats and 1 daughter in tow, and savouring the quiet of country living. Dealing with the folk in town is another challenge as small town people are somewhat small minded!

She has been good this year and Santa if you want to make her heart so very very happy you can get her some really nice, sweet things… She even made a list:

· Bubble Bath (love the Woolies ones)

· Anything from Typo (stationery lover of note)

· Dark Wood or whitewashed frames

· Pretty anything (am very girly)

· Bakers Twine

· Chocolate

· Heart ornaments


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