Meet Chantal from Pretoria

I am Chantal.

I live in Pretoria, I’m married with 2 x children. I have become an instant mom in April 2012. We are in the process of adopting the 2 most beautiful kids, and loving parenthood!

I am a foodie and a wine lover!

Herewith some other things I Like

  • Paraffin Pedicures
  • Accessories (Necklace, bangles in navy, red, pink, purple)
  • Chocolate Nougat
  • Zoute Drop Liquorice
  • Lindt Chocolate
  • CD ( Taylor Swift: “Red”, Bobby v Jaarsveld , Riana Nel)
  • Body Shop ( Japanese Blossom bubblebath, shower gels)
  • Dark Roast Coffees
  • Romesco ( olive chutney, tomato pesto)
  • Pesto Princess ( chimicurri, basil pesto, tomato pesto)
  • Hot Stone Massage

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