I don’t do MUD

On sunday afternoon Tara came over with Ethan for a play date and catch up.

Now the kids play outside and in my house no playing with water and making mud.

Yes I know its good for their development, but they do this at school and at Tara’s house so that’s my rule. They also not allowed paint and clay in my house.

While catching up with my friend the kids were running around, I could see that playing in the sand but as my girls know my rules I was under the impression they will keep themselves cleanish. Ethan tough is allowed to play messy any time and my girls jumped in head first.

Eventually Ethan called his mom to come look at his pancakes and on her way back to me she said that before she goes home I need to give her a bucket with water. I assumed it was to clean the kids.

Never ever assume anything. They painted my house in MUD that I had to clean.

On the inside I freaked, but the kids were so proud that I could not freak.


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8 thoughts on “I don’t do MUD

  1. lol – they still look pretty clean to me. At my house mud is encouraged. BUT – it does need to stay outside. Last summer I actually took a hose to Little OL before she was allowed inside.


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