Baby Soft(R) – The puppy is back

Shaking and investigating your pack of toilet paper in store can be considered as odd behaviour but can be easily explained if you are looking for an adorable puppy inside your pack of Baby Soft®. This year Baby Soft® is offering you the chance to find three different summer puppies inside white 9’s promotional packs. This will be the sixth time Baby Soft® is giving consumers the chance to collect the cute Baby Soft® puppies with the last one being a rugby pup back in 2007.

Baby Soft® is thick and absorbent and the silky softness has made the brand South Africa’s favourite 2 ply*. 75 000 white 9’s promotional packs will be available at all major retail outlets for the period October to November and will each include one puppy per pack. The three puppies up for grabs are of Softy with a beach ball, a beach umbrella and hitting the waves on his surfboard.

“Consumers cannot get enough of Softy and we often receive enquiries asking when they can get their next set of Softy puppies. It allows for great fun for the whole family with everybody wanting a new puppy to add to their collection”, says Maryke Pienaar, Brand Trade Activator – Baby Soft®.

Next time you are in store look out for the promotional packs with yellow packaging and Softy dressed ready for the summer holidays. If you are struggling to finish your collection – why not ask your friends and family if they are willing to swap so you can all work together to finish your collection. By joining in the fun and purchasing your Baby Soft® toilet paper you can rest assured that you are looking out for your family.

Follow us on Facebook – Baby Soft® SA for more information and a chance to win some hampers.

*Received by Sabio Communications


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