Im a huge 50 shades fan – but if melinda wrote a full book for this for moms – I would buy at least 2 copies just for me.

She  had been waiting for this moment for a long long time. Her husband was away, the kids at granny and grandpa for a sleepover.


Deciding that the perfect start to her evening  would be a relaxing hot bath, she started taking toys out of the tub. One by one. She removed three barbies, four lalaloopsy dolls, a shark, a dinosaur, two rubber ducks, ten buckets, all different sizes and colours, a funny looking monkey, toy brushes, bottles, a hello kitty head, a baby boots, a dora swimming doll. An hour later all the bath toys were out.


Finally she thought as she ran a bubble bath, pouring herself a glass of wine. A big glass. Oh f*** she thought, putting the glass aside and slugging straight out the bottle. As she poured the bright pink bubblegum smelling liquid into the running water, she looked down at her…

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