When will you have enough?

You made my life hell!

You caused so much pain!

You broke me!

You broke my daughters heart and that’s a pain I cannot take away from her!

Haven’t you had enough? Haven’t you caused enough pain?

Why do you feel the need to basically stalk me and comment on everything that I do?

Some days I feel like I should make my blog private so that you don’t have access, but that means that you still have control! I will not give you that kind of control over my life ever again.

Just stay away and stay out of my life.

I am proud on how far I’ve come since I have been released from the Hell you use to call home.

I am proud of the way I raise my kids.

No matter what you say or do will ever change that!

You walked away – no keep walking and stop looking back!

I don’t need you keeping an eye on anything. Move on!


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