Childless, Movies and Huggies…

I am officially almost 2 weeks behind on my posts – yes bad blogger I am.

I have so much running around in my head that I am not really sure where to start and what to say and what to leave out of it. This week has been hectic and amazing at the same time. I will do a couple of short post just to get you up to speed on the life of Stilettomum and her Princesses.

Last weekend was hectic and awesome… It started out as a normal quite weekend, for the first time in a long time I was truly childless. Lorelai was by her dad and Amandalynn had her first sleepover.  Usually when Lorelai goes to her father on a weekend Amandalynn sees it as an opportunity to sleep by her gran as that her time alone.

She has had sleepovers before but those were close family friends and I know the moms and dads almost better than I know most of my family. She went to sleep over by Marli – weird little fact: Marli’s mom is almost my clinic nurse who ensures I stay on the injection and not get preggars.

#pieceofass came to visit, we got Mc D’s watched a movie and had a lovely evening.  It was the start of a perfect weekend.

Early Saturday morning @Tash_Wen over at Juice in my wine glass picked us up and we headed to Tableview for her to get ready and then to head off to Huggies Momville. The biggest and best baby shower ever! It was truly amazing. We got to see how the other people live. The event was held at this beautiful house in Bishops Court and I promised that I did a little bit of drooling when we walked up the drive way to the main house.


Everything was white and clean and just truly beautiful.

@cupcakemummy arrived shortly after us and this Stiletto Mum did her rounds to meet some amazing blogger and tweeple. The décor and activities for the children was lovely. The food was amazing and even if I can write and entire story about the day it still won’t do it justice. I took some cute pics but the Huggies photographer did much better. The official Huggies photos can be seen on their Facebook page

The pool was amazing but even on such a hot day the water was ice cold. We got to sit with our feet in the water and it felt like we were at an intimate gathering at a friend’s home. We even relaxed on the loungers.

Amandalynn is a huge Pasella fan, I don’t know how the child does it, but somehow she will tell me that Pasella is on every week and get it right. @dietervoight showed up towards the end of the event to pick up his wife and daughter and I swear my child almost wet herself (that was after Tash and I checked his hot body out) Cupcakemummy being the true friend she is cornered the poor man and asked him to come and say hi to Amandalynn, she obviously tried to run away but he was so sweet and nice to her. She even made a new friend. She took many pictures of them with my phone that I started to run out of memory by the end of the day.

Thank you Huggies for an amazing day. I look forward to many more events just like this one.


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