Me, myself, friends and children…

What a weekend…

For the first time in who knows how long, I have had the perfect weekend. No issues, no drunken texting, no arguements with any of the Biodad’s (Didn’t even speak to them – how awesome is that?) My weekend was just wonderful.

Friday night I had a date. The first date in a long time that was not set up as a blind date. The plan was for him to pick me up at 6 and for me to be ready – seriously if you know me that is impossible.

As Murphy would have it things do not ever go as I plan them. Wanted to be home by 17:00 shower, do hair, pack girls bags and then go out… Here is how it happend:

Got home at 17:20 unpacked shopping, dressed Amandalynn for Voortrekkers, decided on what I planned to wear and then I had to wait for Hannes to drop off Lorelai before I can jump in the shower. He finally dropped her at 17:40 and decided to take his time explaining everything to me about her meds and to take his time to go. Finally at 17:45 I was ready to have a quick shower… No water! Lucky for me it was a very relaxed day at the office and washing my face was all I needed. Then off to do hair and my straightner didn’t want to work and when it finally did I was running out of time.

Got my brother to drop Amandalynn at Voortrekker, put on some makeup and then P decided to show up. Gave my last child babysitting instructions to my brother and headed out the door.

Hair wasn’t perfecyt but I didn’t care. I was on my way, not knowing but wasn’t worried.

We pulled in at Zevenwacht Wine Estate thinking we will be having dinner at the restuarant but actually we were going to watch the sunset with a glass of wine. Because of P (read Me) being late we almost missed it and only got to see the last couple of minutes. It was beautiful. Wine, chocolate and great conversation. It was perfect.

Eventually it got a little bit chilly (read freeze my ass off) and we headed inside for dinner and more wine. I had a great time.

#PieceOfAss proved that he can be more than just a pretty face.

Saturday was braai day at Ms Pregnant Pirate (See previous post) the kids love going there and so do I. Its the kind of house where you can walk in and just be relaxed, no matter what time of day, Tara has that effect on people.

This weekend with the girls was great. For the first time in a while they were really well behaved and I feel proud as a mother. They helped me cook, clean and did not have one issue with them.

My little monsters are really growing up too quickly.


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