The shit you do for friends…

My friend Tara ( is currently pregnant. The other day she locked her keys in her car, at the station.

Porridge brain I tell you.

Now being pregnant and all she was unable to climb through the boot of her car, over the seats to reach her keys and unlock the door so she can actually go home.

Me being the good friend I am, offered (she basically blackmailed me) to do this little task for her.

Now I have a pic of my ass climbing into the boot of a car.

On a lighter cuter note…

How cute does she look in her Pregnant Pirate outfit? #casualday2012


4 thoughts on “The shit you do for friends…

  1. Well done! You are a true friend indeed. I locked my keys in the car so often that I found multiple ways to break into it. Now I drive a car with remote controlled central locking so my car-breaking-into skills don’t get much use.


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