Accidents Happen…

On saturday morning I got a wakeup message from Hannes asking me why I didn’t tell him that Lorelai needed stitches.

My first reaction was what are you on about. He sent me a picture of my childs head.

I freaked a little as it did not happen at home and the school said nothing. Not even when brushing her hair or washing it did she complain or tell me she has an eina.

Last night I washed her hair and I got to see how horrible it actually looks.

All I can think of now is that she must have cried like crazy! My poor baby.


11 thoughts on “Accidents Happen…

    • My child is hardly ever feels pain.. she will fall have blood running from her toes and continue playing so there is a very BIG chance that she hit her head and never even cried. “scary” The wound is now closed so no point in taking her for stiches.


  1. Ag no! My son is just starting to stand on his own and the first time he fell on his head and cried so much I just held him and cried my eyes out too! It was heartbreaking, but I know these things will happen.


  2. My daughter also does not cry. Just carries on playing. I notice on the weekend she had blood on her leg and had to figure out where it came from. She had cut her toe open and had not even noticed.


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