my weekend of weird and awesome!

I had a really good weekend…

Friday my cousin came for a visit and Ty came for coffee, I even did some Spring cleaning…

Saturday I spent the day doing washing! Really how lame can one person be?

That awesome shoe pic… Those Are the shoes I wore on saturday night when HQ and I went on a pissup. I met a guy – 23 – so way to young, but he has a great body and actually has a brain. I decided to not give him my number instead I gave him a clue on how to find me… The Stiletto Mum…

I figure the guy won’t even try and left it at that.

Went home with HQ, horribly drunk and did some drunk texting not thinking when I wake up the next morning with a major hangover I would have to face the person I drunk texted! Facepalm moment of note!

HQ made a simple but awesome breakfast and it helped with my hangover problem a bit… I headed home had a shower just to head out the door to go visit MsTaraLaing for a relaxing braai with more wine – for me not her as she is expecting a little Princess to be named Kate. We had an awesome afternoon and I even helped to sort out their wendy – maybe I sat watching.

Then I got an email from P… The guy from the night before! I could not believe he actually found my blog and my blog email and emailed me! The dude has a brain.

Spent most of the afternoon and now chatting to him.

My grans sister – so my mothers aunt – is having a birthday tomorrow, all the Van Eck family members went for dinner at the Dros. The kids did not sit still for one moment and by the end of the night Lorelai was so tired. Poor baby.

My weekend was great!

PS: don’t forget to put your name down for #blogsecretsanta and if you already have get 2 of your friends to join in and get them to get 2 friends to join in, get where I am going with this? Soon we will them have a 100 bloggers/followers and Tweeple joining in on the gift of giving!


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