Update on my life….

The last week has been fantastic… I really feel like a new person… If you have missed what has been going on in my life I will do A bullet/ essay post just to make sure nothing was missed.

•I forgot my cell in the box at Newlands, it got stolen and I got a Blackberry… Now the only thing I really love about it, is the wordpress app. For some or other reason I cannot upload images using this app! Let me know if you can, cause now I have 4 post where I write about photo where there are none. People must think I am crazy.

•I started my new job and let me tell you I am drowning in work but loving every minute of it. The job is still new not even a week old, but for now I have the challange of sorting out our office and making the department work for me as it is MINE.

•study wise I have been struggling to get registered at Unisa, but finally got the information I needed and will register this week for next year. I am scared and excited and still not telling what I am going to study.

•I wrote the post about “My heart matters” it is password protected but you can email me for the password (c.l.coetzee at gmail.com) reason for bringing this up is I failed! I could not stay away! I did try but seriously its like your on a diet and every couple of mintes someone puts a large piece of cake down infront of you, eventually you will cave and eat the damn cake. In my case I ate it the 1st time it was offered. Seriously setting myself up for disaster and I realise this, but it is like a drug and I cannot stop myself.

•Monday night one of my besties other half had a birthday and we headed to Dros @ Willowbridge and even tough the evening was awesome the service was bad. I had a Heineken, something I have gotten to like because of the previous bullet.

•Lorelai is finally going to be Christened. The church has now accepted that Hannes and I won’t work things out and will now allow us to stand there toghter. They never refused us, but frowned on us doing it together. They were always okay with doing it on my own. Date for that is 7 October.

•I should actually be packing overnight bags for both Lorelai and Amandalynn but instead I feel like updating you all.

•Last year Tiny Toes did the secret Santa for Bloggers and I loved it. I got a little creative and made the cutest photo peg for Melinda over at Diaries of a white mother raising a black baby. I have asked on Twitter and gotten only 2 responses from bloggers to join in on the fun again. I have decided to do it again anyway. Will do a post about it soon. So that we can have more bloggers take part. If you are interested comment below and I will make a list and email you as soon as post ois up.

•Amandalynn has joined “Voortrekkers” its like scouts. Now I have always sais I want to be involved in all the activities my kids take part in, but I just don’t see myself as THAT (scouts) kind of mom. But its still early days so maybe that will change.

•Everyone I know if currently getting pregnant or married and after having 2 kids, I am starting to feel a bit of pressure (from myself) to sort my love life out, get a real boyfriend (as Tara over at mstaralaing.wordpress.com would say) and settle get married and do those normal things.

• I am happy for a change. Like really happy. It was increase month and that little bit of extra money helps loads and I feel less stressed than previous months. My salary is finally starting to move closer than what I got paid before I was retrenched.

Life is a love song… And I am starting to love myself more and more everyday.

The Stilettomum


5 thoughts on “Update on my life….

  1. Congrats on the new job, L’s christening, sorting out your UNI.SA registration and most importantly being happy

    On posting pictures using the BB app, seriously I also find it quite tedious. And sometimes find it easier to just use one picture per post (could also be because I have too many pictures on my phone).

    What works for me: I open the picture and click on the send button, one of the options is WordPress. So effectively I send to WordPress. That opens the WordPress new post page with the picture already inserted. And from there you can add more pictures (I find this very slow so I hardly bother to add more pictures, plus so far I notice I can only have the pictures at the top or bottom).

    Hope this works for you


  2. So great to hear that things are going well! Im totally in for the secret santa WOOHOO! And yes find yourself a good man…Im broody as heck, The ninja boy is amazing and Im getting very broody! Lololololol! xxx Big hugx


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