25 before 26 – List update end July

In couple of months I will be 26, times flies so this year I have decided to follow some other bloggers and do a couple of things before my birthday.

I got a gift, which was something on my list, but got taken back by an asshole!

1. Go camping with my girls for the first time  We went camping the first weekend of Feb and the girls loved it. It was Lorelai’s first time camping.

2. Something that wasn’t on my list, I had the 1st Competition on my blog and it was a great success.

To start off with my relationship with Hannes came to an end for the last time. I am not heartbroken or angry, I’m just sad it did not work out as we both put so much work into it.

For the month of May I allowed the wind to take me in the direction it pleases…

3.1 I have found some great ideas for the Pirate party that Amandalynn wanted, but on Friday night she informed me she now wants a Bratz party so I have started looking for ideas (Mar’12) 3.2 Amandalynn will be six in 2 months! Time flies. Were not having a party at home anymore, she wants one at school. Love this child of mine. (Apr’12) 3.3 Amandalynn will be 6 on the 28th, each time I say that I want to start crying. We have now finally decided on the a Jake and the Neverland Pirates themed party. (May’12) 3.4 My daughter turned 6. I still want to cry. She had an awesome party at school and friends and family came to visit. 

4.1 I booked my learners on 20 April 2012. I am writing on 4 June 2012 will have to study hard as I have to pass this one. (Apr’12) 4.2 As you are reading this, I am sitting in an exam room FINALLY writing my learners, pray to who ever you pray to that I pass please! (May’12) 4.3 I wrote my learners and failed, with just ONE point. Need to make another appointment. 

5.1 I feel that the change in my appearance in the month of April has been successful. I do my hair every weekend and wear make up most days. I look good and I am feeling good. (April’12) 5.2 I have been keeping up with this. I try accessories and if you know me well, you will know I do not like little things every where.

6.1 I started on my Herb garden. Got some pots over the weekend, painted them and now just to replant the herbs I got at Cape garden Centre. (Apr’12) 6.2 My wonderful little herb garden that I wanted to start already died. I forgot to buy potting soil when I got the plants. Then on Mothers day Cupcakemummy and I got potting soil, which is probably still in her car. (May’12) 6.3 I gave up on the garden and herbs so instead I got the kids a new fish bowl that has a Hello Kitty theme to it.

7.1 Start reading, at least a book a month. 12 books for the year. (will this then count as 1 or 12 things?) I have so far read the first and second twilight book. (Feb’12) 7.2 I have read the third book on my list in the month of March. Ironically the 3rd twilight book. (Mar’12) 7.3 I have read all 4 the Twilight books and loved them. I am still a little upset with myself that I finished it before I watched the movie. I also started reading book number 5 The Host I’m struggling to get into it, but will finish it. (Apr’12) 7.4 I did not finish reading The Host and doubt that I will. I didn’t read anything this month except for wine bottle labels. Will be getting my ass in gear again! (May’12) 7.5 I started reading the Host again, but I just cannot get into this book, yes I can finish reading it, but I am not enjoying the story (June’12) 7.6 I was so good with the reading this month. I read all the entire trilogy of 50 Shades of Grey. I read a Walk to remember and currently I am reading PS I love you. So 4 books in 1 month and I am now on number 5. This means I have read 8 of my 12 books. So proud

8.1 Sort out the girls closets and donate the clothing that is to big or small. (2 February 2011) 8.2 My mom helped with the sorting out of the girls clothing and toys. I still have to sort out the 3 black bags filled with clothes and toys, but I will get to that one day. (June’12) 8.3 The bag of clothing has gotten more items and are still in my bedroom waiting to be sorted. The delay on this matter is because my friend Tara’s doctor cannot be certain of the sex of her baby.

9.1 Get my Maintenance shit sorted – This is not sorted yet, But I was in court on 10 February 2012 and things are moving forward. That post can be read Here (Feb’12) 9.2 I got my court date for Maintenance, okay so it’s not something that I did, but my dates are 19 April with John and 30 April with his parents. (Mar’12) 9.3 Maintenance wise I had 2 court dates in the month of April. Will do a post for this soon. (Apr’12) 9.4 Amandalynn’s father has paid maintenance for 3 months straight and even called her on her birthday! You can read all about that here (June’12) 9.5 Was in court yesterday and for once things went ok. I got an increase in my maintenance and my new date is now 30 Jan 2013.

10.1 Cook more – try 12 new recipes for the year. I have made the most amazing Spinach soup, will do a post with pictures soon. (June’12) 10.2 I have been cooking at least one meal a week. Maybe I should just give up on Stilettos and buy Woolies dinners? On the up side – Friday night I had my first Fondue party.

11. Become famous or do something awesome – I was live on Mommy Matters. It was off the hook awesome!

12. Enroll my daughter in Primary School – I have done this. My mother was on my case for weeks and finally she took over and we got it done and now we are waiting to hear if she has been accepted.

So technically I have finished 12 things on my list. But if you add it up in more detail I have done 32… I’m super proud of myself. 

Still attempt to do this year and if I can’t I’ll do it next year:

  • Go on holiday. A real one. Anywhere. Make it a road trip
  • Conquer a fear
  • Get my license
  • Watch the sunset on Table Mountain 
  • Get a BB
  • Get a laptop
  • Do a weekend away no kids just for fun.
  • Get my own car
  • Dance on bubble wrap
  • Sing karaoke
  • Make a wall mural with recycled materials
  • Have a funky photo shoot
  • Boogey board or surf 
  • Play with instant snow
  • Do charity work 
  • Build a sandcastle on the beach
  • Go to a concert 
  • Play dress up 
  • Make a daisy chain
  • Do a 5000 piece puzzle
  • Update my will
  • Go on the Gautrain

Cant think of anything else, but will add-on! Feel free to suggest anything!


4 thoughts on “25 before 26 – List update end July

  1. I LOVE this idea and you are doing so well with it!!! I wouldn’t know where to start if I were to start a list like this… WELL DONE! 🙂


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