Who does what in your house?


Do your kids have chores? At what age did you start?

Lorelai really has a problem with doing any kind of chore. When you ask her to lean her room she will straight out tell you that her sister can do it. Can I just remind you that she is only 2!

Now I really struggle with this with both my children. I have looked for ideas all over the internet and I found some really cool things.

Just another day in Paradise has this great idea for when your kids leaves their things every where and you have to pick it up. You take it away, put I in a holder and then they have to work to get it back.

I love this idea.

Some of what I found and what can work for my kids:Now this can only work if I have age appropriate chores for the kids to do. I have googled this to such appoint that in my mind I have already done all of these.

I need to work on this list. But will definitely make this little board one of my next DIY projects.

How do you handle chores in your house? Any more ideas?



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