One of the many blogs I follow did a little post apologising to her blog for not posting because she has been busy with life (I am now apologising to that blogger because I cannot remember who she is and I am too damn lazy to go look for her)

The thing is in the last month or so life has happened and it is speeding by and half the time I don’t know if I am sinking or swimming.  Now I’m going to do what many other bloggers do and I’m going to give you some random-no-order bullet points about this Stiletto Mum has been up to…

  • My mother has been on my case about enrolling Amandalynn in school. This has now finally been done and completed.  I am still not over the moon about the school that we are enrolling her in but I need to accept the fact that I cannot afford the school I want her to go to.
  • I told the boy I like that I like him and the reaction I got was not really what I wanted. But as they life goes on and I am not heartbroken I am just seeing this as the making of a great new friendship with a nice guy.
  • I have been spending a lot of time with Mr Q and he has helped me climb out of my little bubble, relax and just be me. I really do value his friendship more than anything else.
  • I have been drinking less wine as I am too damn tired to actually go into a bottle store and buy wine, my liver is loving this but my mind need a break. I am loving being able to drink again without a man looking over my shoulder commenting or drinking my wine before I can even get to the bottle.
  • I am still on a high about the radio show I did for Mommy Matters and thinking that I need to speak to Jess to make sure she knows I am so willing to do another.
  • #Spermdonor1 has been in contact since he 1st contacted me an actually spoke to his daughter again last night. I can really see a change in his attitude. He is coming down at the end of the month for a court date but will apparently be here for a week so wants to spend some time with his daughter. I really hope he does not flake and actually shows up (*John if you are reading this, please do not disappoint me, I haven’t told your daughter you will  be visiting because I am to scared you will not show, so I am actually on my knees begging you to show)
  • Lorelai is away with her day for the 6 days next week. I am excited for my daughter that she is going to be able to spend some time with her Granma but I will miss her so much, but it also gives me time to spend with Amandalynn. I realised the other day that I have only spent one day just me and Lorelai since Hannes and I split up. I feel bad as my and Lorelai’ s time is not interrupted but then again she gets so much attention from her dad that I do not feel that bad.
  • My office has a box at Newlands and the attorneys just love taking me with as my OCD personality kicks in and I try my best to make sure the box is always presentable and the clients are happy – the translates to they get to sit and enjoy and I run round like crazy. I love it. I am in my element if you just leave me in charge and let me run the show. Saturday we were at Newlands again and for the first time ever I had a great evening. We arrived at 13:00, the game started at 15:00 but w only left Newlands at 20:30. What a great day.
  • Work wise I am drowning more than I am swimming at the moment. We have very strict deadline with the new system that we have installed and HV and myself are in charge of getting things done and off the ground. This is easier said than done. One person in my office does not like the fact that the 25-year-old tells her what to do and how to do it and she tries to prove me wrong or just has this fuck you attitude when it comes to actually doing this the correct way. I try not to allow her to get under my skin, but fuck half the time I want to push her off the balcony(we are on the 15th floor) I have now arranged for a Laptop and internet connection so I can do system updates from home in the evenings to see if that will help me to get my job done, so I can focus on training and helping the girls during the day. I do not get paid extra for this, but holding all my finger and toes that when August comes around I will be rewarded at increase time.
  • Studies, I have given myself till end June to decide what I want to do with the rest of my life and I have decided. I have requested the information from Unisa and they finally sent all the info to me. Now to see if I qualify, figure out how I am going to pay for it all and register. Maybe if all goes as planned my title will change as of January: Single mother of 2, Working full-time, Studying part-time, blogging at night and fitting a social life in there as well.
  • My next court date is at the end of this month and usually by this time I will have prepared for it, but I have done nothing. I need to sit and do my budget for court, figure out how I want things to run and then mentally prepare myself for all the outcomes.
  • Lorelai started at Amandalynn’ s school 1 July 2012 and I have to say I am loving the fact that my children are in one school, it make life easier. Lorelai is also loving the fact that she can sneak out of her class and see her sister at any time. Amandalynn is not loving it as much because she is never without her little sibling. She says that every time Lorelai wants anything she will find her and ask her. Lorelai is like a little tail. I asked her in the car the other afternoon if she minds that her sister is with her, she pulled her face in a very negative way but said “it’s probably okay” I could not help but laugh.
  • I have been very bad and only wearing my heels over weekends. My back is killing me from sitting in front of laptop/computer the entire day and most evenings. But I will only have to keep up with all of this till end August and then maybe do the other branches but this will include traveling and boy oh boy… let’s just cross that bridge when we get there.
  • Lorelai is officially off the nappy, I do not even have nappies in my house. She sleeps without one and has about 1 accident a week. She also no longer drinks bottle so maybe if I feel up to it this weekend I will finally get rid of the last baby things.

Last but not least… Mommy bloggers I am reading your blogs and I try to comment where and when I can, but hell life is complicated, busy and so much damn fun that I so not want it to stop, but I know if I am not going to slow down any time soon I will burn out, but that is another bridge for another day.

So to my readers/followers and to my dear new blog… I miss you too and I am sorry and I will try to blog more. I promise.


The Stiletto Mum


5 thoughts on “Missing…

  1. It was my blog and I promised to update it this week and *shock, horror* it didn’t happen. This week has rollercoasted into a crazy week and I’ve come down with a nasty chest infection.

    I enjoyed readying your update. Well done to Lorelai for dropping the nappy, way to go little girl! Please can you ask her to have a chat to Zoe about her bottle and nappy because she sure isn’t listening to her mom 🙂


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