This Mommy Matters

Last week I was asked by Jessica over @ Mommy Matters Online Magazine if I will be interested in doing a weekly post. I was over the moon and immediately said yes.

I struggle for days trying to find the words for the perfect post and everything I tried did not work for me. Until I spoke to Amandalynn’s father on Wednesday morning and the post just happened.

Now to understand the rest of this post you have to go read the post on the THE HIGHS & LOWS OF SINGLE PARENTHOOD and then come back to continue reading.

Her father phoned.


My daughter was in her element.

She loved speaking to him.I am happy for her.
This morning all she could talk about is the fact that her daddy phoned her on her birthday. My daughter is happy.

Truly hope this can be the beginning of something new for my child, that she can have this great relationship with her father.

On a lighter note go check out Mommy Matters, you can follow Jessica on Twitter @jessmouneimne or @MommyMatters


10 thoughts on “This Mommy Matters

  1. Well done on your article being published in Mommy Matters. I hope your daughter’s relationship with her daddy flourishes, like it should. Every little girl needs a good father figure 🙂


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