Potty Training is not meant for every parent…

Lorelai started potty training in January just before her second birthday, within a month she the teacher told me that she no longer needs a nappy and I should allow her to go to bed without on.

I wasn’t ready for my little baby girl to be a big girl, only wearing a panty and being all grown up. So I let her wear her panty at home and school, but at night she gets to go to sleep in a nappy.

About a week ago Hannes told me that when she stays over by him she does not wear a nappy at all. She has only had 2 accidents at night and he feels that she can stop wearing them completely.

I have a just a couple of small issues with all of this:

1) She is my baby, I AM not ready for this next big step.

2) Emotionally I cannot deal with her growing up.

3) I like my sleep and I do not plan on getting up 10 times in one night to take her to the toilet.

4) I do not want to change bedding at 02:00 in the morning when I should actually be sleeping.

5) She still drinks her bottle when she goes to bed. I believe that they need to be off the bottle first.

6) It is winter and cold, kids wear loads of clothing and are more accident prone.

So as you can see my problems are pretty much MY problem. I told Hannes all of this and he told me to at least try it.

Monday – Lorelai went to bed with just a panty on. I took her to the toilet after she finished her bottle and again at 22:00. She woke up in my bed (can’t remember her getting in there) dry.

I’m thinking Monday was awesome and successful and already doing how much wine I cane get with her nappy money… No I do not have a drinking problem, I have people breaking into my house and drinking my wine so I have to keep buying more 🙂

Tuesday – Lorelai had her milk bottle I took her to the toilet, took her again at 23:30. I went to bed. She woke me up just past midnight and told me she pee’d in her bed. I was not a happy camper. I took her to the toilet, she pee’d again! put her in bed with me. Now I have 2 children in my bed as my girls share a bed (another long story) Lorelai woke me up again at 03:30 to tell me she needs to pee. Took her to the loo and she was already wet. The child pee’d in MY bed. That was it. Nappy ON! Amandalynn, Lorelai and myself spent the rest of the night sleeping on a single bed in the lounge as everything else was wet.

I’m D.O.N.E with this night-time no nappy crap! If her dad wants to do it fine, but I will not be doing washing every second day because she had an accident. Last night she slept by her dad. He sent me a sms saying that he did not have to get up once last night and she woke up dry.

I D.O.N.T C.A.R.E! In MY house she will sleep in a nappy until the winter is over.

This Stiletto Mum needs her beauty sleep to look stunning in the new pair of Stiletto’s she is buying next week.

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12 thoughts on “Potty Training is not meant for every parent…

  1. Dont let others dictate when/how etc. If you arent ready and your little girl isnt ready then dont rush it.

    Lets be honest over here, my boy, who turned 3 in April is absolutely refusing POINT BLANK to go anywhere near a potty. If he isnt ready, then we cant force him just as he cant force us to do somethinG we arent ready for.

    Leave her in a nighttime nappy for a while, if she wakes up and asks you to pee then take her to the loo but put her nappy on again afterwards just in case. Eventually, the nappy will be dry every single night and you wont have a problem.


  2. I so understand this. I am also not ready. I battled with day time and there is no way I am doing nights too. Little OL also has a bottle before bed and I feel she needs to give that up first – but seeing as she usually falls asleep while drinking it, I am not ready to let her give that up.

    Nappies it will be at night (and naps) for a while yet.


  3. Katy, who is the same age as Lorelei, is still in a nappy for naps and bed time, for all of the same reasons as yours! I’m not going to make all our lives a misery just to try and rush her out of them 🙂


  4. I am p.e.t.r.i.f.i.e.d. of heading towards this stage!!! Poop scared (excuse the pun!). I am going to leave it be until she is moved into her next class at school – where they do full on training. Their only request is that WE follow THEIR program. Easy peasy, right????


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