When you least expect it great things happen… Or at least thats what people keep telling me!

I have always believe that great things will never happen to me. I always fall head over heels in love ignore the warning signs and 3 years down the line nothing works out and I remember the warning signs and ask myself why did i not listen to the warnings actually LOOKED at the signs? But all the things from my relationships were not all bad. I have 2 wonderful little girls that mean everything to me! So even if things did not work out I am better off in the end.

So that’s my bit of randomness for the day…

So how was your weekend? I had very few plans for my weekend, besides hitting the town with Ryno & Hugo on friday night. Lorelai was with her father on friday night and Amandalynn got to do the thing she loves most = sleep by her grandma

<30min there every night. But apparently its not enough!>

Back to my weekend. Friday obviously did not start as planned. Hannes showed up 30min early to pick up Lorelai obviously I wasnt ready because a) its my time with her and b)he had a mile long list of things he needed/wanted that he only gave to me on the last-minute. Any way when he took his daughter things turned upside down and I was upset, very upset.**

I called Hugo told him I wont be great company for going out and he told me to get dressed. I ignored his instruction and sent him a message again declining the offer to go out. Really no amount of make up will solve my puffy eye problem! 30 min later I was standing in the lounge still very much puffy eyed and in walks Ryno [so not fucking cool] I ran past him, straight into Hugo’s arms and sobbed for what felt like forever! He got me calmed down and told me to get dressed, being very embarrassed about the fact that Ryno got to see my crying I did as I was told.**

Before we headed out we had a glass of wine with my mom and dad. Have a mentioned what awesome parents I have? They firstly watch my kids whenever I need them too, no questions asked. they will do anything for me and the girls and they are kind and welcoming to anyone that sets foot on their house. Now seeing that Ryno is a new old face (new as in drinking at my house and old not just in his age*** but in picking up Tristan when Hugo can’t ) we had the surname discussion. I was born Swart and his surname is Swart, now I havent met a Swart I am not related to. We will investigate and get back to you.

We headed to the Palms had one to many drinks, met some awesome people, had a cougar empty a drink over me and we still trying to figure out is it was an accident or not as my ass is nicer than hers. Tried teaching the boys the cha-cha song (not difficult as the song tells you what to do) after someone got kicked out of the Palms we went to Hollywood. The place was packed and I was in my element! I quickly got lost on the dance floor met up with some old High School friends and danced until I was dragged off stage because someone has passed out in the car and the boys wanted to go home.

I then got educated! In what you ask?

Surfing: I now know someone named Kelly Slater and then there is a Adam someone (that might not be his name). Cant remember what WCT stands for. Again I say that if you attempt what those people do without knowing what you are doing you will drown!

I spent almost the entire day saturday sleeping. Saturday night I studied the last couple of things I was not sure off. Sunday I spring cleaned while the kids helped. Sunday night I got promised a pink shell. I continued to study until about 01:00. Woke up Monday morning sent the kids to my brother, did a couple of practice tests, refreshed my memory and went to go write my leaners.

Score 25 21 8. You can go figure out if I got it or not!

How was your weekend and do you have any interesting plans for this weekend?

** story has been adapted for better reading from start to finish of stars

*** Ryno has very cute little grey hairs.

Ps: weird how on Wordless Wednesday I will post and essay?!


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