When your baby goes to school

Amandalynn will be six in a month. Usually by this time of the year I have gone all Mama-Party-Zilla and stressing about the little bit of time I have left to get things done for her Birthday! This year I decided she will not be having a party but I will take her and a friend out to some nice kiddy place where they can play, have their faces painted and have a great day.

Amandalynn’s idea of a great birthday is a party at school with all her friends. I do not mind as usually it means that there is very little for me to do as I send a cake, chips and cool drink and instruct the teacher that everything needs to come back empty! But my dear little daughter has other plans.

She wants to hand out invitations – I am completely against this as a)all this kids will be in class no need for anyone to RSVP, b)getting an invitation for a party at school to me is like asking for an invitation.

She wants party packs – with thank you gifts. Yes Dear Daughter money grows on trees.

She wants an Izzy from Jake and the Neverland Pirates outfit.

She wants a Pirate cake with all the trimmings.

So being the obsessive mother that I am, I have requested a class list and will be giving her what she wants.

Can you say whipped?

On a completely different subject my baby is going to Grade 1 in January. I’m tearing up as I type this. Where has the last 6 years gone? I am not ready for her to go to school!

My baby is growing up and I can’t pause or even stop the process!

I have started the process of enrolling her in school. I want to enroll her in the new Private school that opened down the road from my house this year, but until we (her grandparents and I) have settled or figured out the maintenance issue I cannot enroll her. I have looked at the public school which is also 10cm from my house. I went to that school, it’s a good school but the part that scares me the most is this year there are between 37 and 40 kids per class in grade 1. But I will deal with that little issue when I get there. I have spoken to her therapist and she feels that even if the 40 kids in a class situation is not ideal that Amandalynn will be fine and the only extra thing I should do is enroll her with a tutor for extra lessons (now my child does not need it but she feels that because the class is so big it will be a good foundation for her to get the extra attention she needs)

My heart is burning and my tears are rolling my baby girl is turning into a tween!

Dear Amandalynn

Next year is a big one. You are going to Grade 1 the big school. You and I have both looked forward to this day and now that it is finally upon us, I am not so certain that I am ready! You have made me so proud in the last 6 years. It is a pleasure being your mother.

Love mom


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