Motherday weekend May bring more change

I have never really been great at trying new things not on my own at least! I wont order something of a menu that I have never tasted before, I will try yours when you do order it, but I don’t take chances by trying something new and possibly be disappointed.

So many things are happening and changing in my life in the awesome month that is May, that it is making me happy and relaxed and just truly happy with life in general!

But I know that I need to try to do new thing on my own, not in another’s shadow.

So on the subject fo doing new things and embracing change I had a fabulously busy weekend!

I plan my life from a – z and tend to freak out if things don’t go the way I planned it or someone changed it the last-minute. My plan for the weekend was as follows: Friday be at home with the girls, Saturday morning send them off with my mother to Malmesbury, @ 15:00 leave for Newlands. Get home at a decent hour and Sunday join Natasha and Cupcake for Mothersday in Houtbay… But like life would have it, this is what actually happened…

Got invited to go out on Friday night with friends, time after kids go to bed. Perfect i can spend time with them get ready after they are in bed and then go out on the town. Needless to say mommy had plans so kids did not go to sleep when they were told and when my lift arrived I was not ready – story of my life. Now I havent been out on a ‘fun’ night in many moons. We went to 3 places, places where I use to be apart of the furniture back in the day and let me tell you something, the name of a place, the decor and even the times can change but the kind of people stay the same. I had a great night out and dragged my tired ass to bed just after 4 in the morning!

Fast forward 3 hours…

Kids knock on front door, to get into house. I drag tired hungover ass out of bed and get them done. A very slow process. Pack their bags and wait for them to leave with my mom so I can go to bed.

Then Tara and her little prince came over for coffee, which was lovely. They left the same time as the girls.

I’m oober excited im going to go to bed and sleep for a couple of hours and then get done for rugby… I COULD NOT SLEEP AT ALL! I spent the entire morning lying on a mattress in the lounge watching series and arguing with my self because I know I have to lift my tired ass and do washing but I did not feel like it. I at least did a load of washing… Just one.

We left for Newlands @ 16:00 and I was finally starting to feel human. Now I know you are thinking yeah Newlands but in actual fact it was a work function in our company box so mingling with client and Sheriff was actually on the menu. My favourite Sheriff and his wife attended so I got the sit on our private gallery and watch the first half of the game, it was an awesome start. I did not get to see the 2nd half at all, I still dont even know what the end score was, but I do know that the Stormers kicked some ugly orange ass! Proud supporter.

I got home just before 11 so that part of my weekend happened as planned. Lorelai was with her father and Amandalynn was by my mother so I got into my own bed, alone and slept like a baby.

I only lifted my tired ass back out of bed @ 09:30, feeling like a train hit me! Got dress and waited for Cupcakemummy. She got lost! I had such a laugh as she has been to my house twice before and she got lost. We headed to The Clay Cafe in Houtbay. We were so late for this Mothersday function.

Have you ever been to The Clay Cafe, if not google it, get in your car, take your children and go have a lovely time. The food is great, the view magnificent and the staff are warm and welcoming. I painted a huge bowl. I’m looking forward to seeing the end product, did not try and decorate it I kept it plain and simple. Amandalynn had a great time painting and she was not happy about the fact that she could not paint everything that they offer.

My sad little bowl next to Cupcakemummy’s awesome cupcake plate

They have the coolest fountain and one day when I am all grown up and want the same fountain in my yard. Amandalynn kept telling me that it is magical and that when you throw a coin in you can make a wish.

Make a wish Princess

Finally got to see Claire’s beautiful son, he is one of those kids that if you look at him you can clearly see who his mommy is. We talked non sense, things that made sense and ran after children. It was really a great morning. Natasha is really awesome at organising the best meets ever!

Click here for gallery of all the pics of the day

After the meet Cupcake and I headed towards the beach. Now in the spirit of embracing change, I took of my boots and actually set foot on the sand in the cold and embraced running around with my daughter in the sand with my fishnet stockings on. It was actually not that bad. We did not stay long as it was freezing at the beach.

Stepping out of my bubble!

We stopped at Earthworks on our way out of Houtbay. Now they have my kind of nature furniture and Cupcake agreed to help me make some as my dad can do the base and she can weave it.

If you were wondering what I got for Mothersday from the girls, Lorelai made little pot and card at school, she showed it to me on Friday and told me I can’t touch it, just look at it is hers and Amandalynn made me a picture with a teapot and a bag of tea, which she drank it herself. After it all is was a perfect weekend, no arguments, no unhappiness, just me being myself and have a great time with some really awesome people!

ps: for more picture on this awesome day head on over to Cupcakemummy’s post

* This was originally posted on Scaredmom's Blog

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