I’m rocking this SHIT – WooHooo!

Spiritedmama1 nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award (you can view The Versatile Blogger Blog here)

So yesterday I was not prepared for getting an award… I have now done my hair, make-up put on some little outfit that makes me look awesome, cleared my throat a couple of times and I am ready to do my acceptance speech…

Thank you for this nomination. Thank you for thinking I am versatile. Thank you. Instead of boring you by thanking my mother and all the family members one by one I will share 7 facts about me I think (actually really hope) you do not know about me.

7 Facts about me:

1. I am single again

2. I wear a size 3 shoe and if the make is very small a 4 will fit.

3. I am completely off my rocket crazy… like need mental help but in a good way is there a good way? crazy

4. I am addicted to coffee, like cannot open eyes or even remember enough words to make a sentence dead before I have coffee – this surprises me as I seem to find the kettle every morning.

5. I dance in my house on my own in the evening to random songs. Both my kids close their (continue reading)


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