I’m rocking this SHIT – WooHooo!

Spiritedmama1 nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award (you can view The Versatile Blogger Blog here)

So yesterday I was not prepared for getting an award… I have now done my hair, make-up put on some little outfit that makes me look awesome, cleared my throat a couple of times and I am ready to do my acceptance speech…

Thank you for this nomination. Thank you for thinking I am versatile. Thank you. Instead of boring you by thanking my mother and all the family members one by one I will share 7 facts about me I think (actually really hope) you do not know about me.

7 Facts about me:

1. I am single again

2. I wear a size 3 shoe and if the make is very small a 4 will fit.

3. I am completely off my rocket crazy… like need mental help but in a good way is there a good way? crazy

4. I am addicted to coffee, like cannot open eyes or even remember enough words to make a sentence dead before I have coffee – this surprises me as I seem to find the kettle every morning.

5. I dance in my house on my own in the evening to random songs. Both my kids close their eyes and try to hide when I do this.

6. If my father was apart (actually be a father to me) of my life from birth my surname would have been Szebelledi

7. I sleep naked – okay maybe not but could not think of anything else.

Nominate 15 Blogs/Bloggers that I follow?

1. Reluctantmom

2. Remember when we were young

3. Raising Men

4. Harassed Mom

5. I Believe in Miracles

6.  There’s a Lionheart in our Bathtub

7.  Life or Something Like it!

The first 7 were already nominated by Spiritedmama1 so I am not nominating them again…

8. Miss K and her Mom doing their thing

9. Colour Giggles

10. Life…and everything in between

11. To Love Bella

12. One of the boys

13. Cupcake Mummy and Fish

14. An Ordinary Life

15. Maidentomotherhood

Well, who knew I would be able to nominate 15 blogs that I stalk read. I might not be subscribing or commenting regularly but I read your blogs daily. (stole this line from Spiritedmama cause its brilliant and because I am lazy.)


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