May this feeling last…

So far May has been a very good month for me… Yes I know its only the 10th today, but if the next 20 days can be like the last 9 I will be on cloud nine.

I’m much more relaxed and taking everything as it comes instead of stressing about the things I cannot control.

My children have been driving me up walls. But when I go into their room at night to make sure they are nice and warm and all cuddled up I just get all teary eyed as these are my children. The 2 most perfect little girls, each with their own personalities. I love them so much and cannot even imagine that a life without them is possible. They really are the air I breath.

Last night 2 of my oldest friends Elaine and Devan came over with their partners for dinner. At first I was a little nervous about it just being me, the 25-year-old single girl with 2 kids having to start from scratch. I wasn’t looking forward to the long discussion about my recent spilt (I havent seen either of them in person since before it happened) but I was honestly happy about the fact that it only came up twice and it was very short and sweet.

I cooked supper if you can believe that. Nice little chicken pasta. It came out great even if I have to say so myself, Devan and his bf must have agreed because they both got seconds. We chatted about our younger much wilder days and all the fun shitty things we did. It was great looking back and realising that I have had a great life.

I had Amandalynn very young but I still had a crazy social life, thanks to my mother.

Devan and Elaine you both are really awesome and I love you loads!

Tara and I chatted on the train yesterday about how quickly time passes. Amandalynn is in Grade 1 next year. It amazing how quickly she has grown up.

This weekend I will be heading to Newlands for a bit of Rugby (more like entertaining clients wives while the men watch the game and making sure everyone has food and drinks) but I weirdly enjoy the evening out.

Sunday ill be heading out to Houtbay with Natasha and Cupcakmummy for a mother’s day brunch with some other people, but more on that Monday.

Life is good and relaxing and I am truly happy for the first time in a very long time I can say my happiness is about me, and doing what makes me happy.

* This was originally posted on Scaredmom's Blog

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