I’m getting so damn tired of this shit!

Now my kids are pretty well-mannered, i can take them out in public and i know it will not be necessary for me to have to speak to them about anything twice. They listen the first time without giving me any lip.

But like a said i am tired of the shit at home! People describe me as a military mom. A mom who’s children listen and she only have to speak once. the last 2 months however is not reflecting that. My kids are making slowly lose my cool completely. 50% of it is my fault for not standing up and putting my foot down and the other half if their father’s fault for going against everything i say or giving them what they want when they want it. Giving in to tantrums because he does not want to listen to screaming.

Lets start with the eldest… Every at this stage is a problem! I ask her to pick up her shoes and she tells me that she does not want to. I tell her that is was not a question but an instruction and she has a 5-year-old tantrum! Wtf? Everything i ask her or tell her is a problem, she talks backs and has a tantrum. This i will stop dead in it tracks. NOW!

The youngest is completely spoilt as her father believes she is a little tiny baby that can’t do everything wrong. She has a wobbly about everything. No matter what! She wants her way, she will either hit you or scream at you to get it. If that does not work she will either put her hand over her face and tell you to leave her alone or go hide in a corner and be a little demon! This will also stop NOW!

How will i stop and change it? Firstly routine, secondly routine, thirdly punishment.

How will my routine work you ask as I work full day and only get home @ 18:00 in the evening?

I will get home and cook supper, while i do that they WILL unpack their bags, if they don’t unpack their bags they will not get a sweetie for school the next day. If they have a tantrum or talk back ro cry about it i will take away a privilege. I don’t know what yet, bt ill think of something.

Any ideas?

Then they can draw and play untill supper time. My kids eat well enough so i will asses what they need to eat every meal.

At 19:00 (or directly after supper) is bath time. Now I have to fight and yell to get them in and then fight and yell to get them out again.  I don’t know how to punish without a hiding for that one. HELP? PLEASE? Telling them if they don’t bath they can go to bed dirty is not really an option. What to do. Getting them dressed after bath is such a fight, now not even to mention washing their hair.

Any and all advise welcome!

* This was originally posted on Scaredmom’s Blog

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