A weekend of fun…

I had a great weekend!!! Friday night I went out with a friend. We headed to Grand West casino even though I’m not the gambling kind… We got there and started the evening with a lovely Mocha Coffee @ House of Coffees and chatted about so many different things. It was great being able to relax and just chat over everything and nothing! After our coffees were done we walked around deciding what will be next on our list of things to do. Go karts sounded like a great idea… For those of you have known me for years, know that I love cars and bikes and all those little boy toys. I won the first round and my competitors ego was a little bruised, so we headed around again just to make sure I wont win a second time around. I lost badly the second time around, but the fragile ego was intact. 🙂 We went back for more coffee (I am addicted) and chatted a little longer. There was an attempt to teach me some surfing lingo but I swear it went in the one ear and out the other.  But one things that I will always remember that if you have no clue about what you are doing you will sure as Fck drown! It was a great evening! I slept like a Princess.

Saturday I only got up @ 10:00 how lazy can I be? I  did a bit of cleaning and resumed my position on the couch. Amandalynn did some arts and crafts, she got this lovely little tea set a couple of years back that we never finished painting. She has a blast and sadly my bathroom basin still has paint on it.

Lorelai got home at about 18:00 and the kids got to play a little before supper, bath and bed. It’s still taking a little getting use to having so much time to myself after they got to bed in the evening. It translates to I can’t sleep.

Sunday we had a lazy morning until I realised I’m being a lazy little bum (as cupcakemummy would put it) I got up showered, did my hair and even put make up on.  I headed out to the shops with my mom and got an awesome new pair of jeans, my ass looks great even if I have to say so myself. Also got a stunning new dress for work, oh how I love wearing a pretty dress.

How is it that as a mother all you ever do is clean? I mean really I cleaned yesterday and today I have to do it again? Why can the dust just sort itself out or never be there to start off with!

* This was originally posted on Scaredmom’s Blog


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