A little bit of Bugz goes a long way!

I had a fabulous weekend!

Friday I headed out to Bugz Play Park with Cupcakemummy and the kids. The day was awesome! You can read her post here

If you have ever been to Bugz you will know what a great place it is to take your kids to play. My children and I had a blast! Cupcake and I had more fun than the kids I think.

Some pics that you can also see on her blog…

We headed over to the nursery as I had this plan to start a little herb garden in my kitchen. Cupcake helped me pick the plants and plan what I will be doing with it.

I’m excited about my little garden I will be starting, but I doubt they will be alive long enough for me to actually be able to use the herbs.

My herbs for my pot garden…

Lorelai went to her father on saturday and slept over  so Amandalynn and I did a little bit of art and crafts.

Painting some frames
My little pots for my kitchen window

Sunday we did a little bit of shopping and I realised how much I miss my little hyperactive princess when she is with her dad. I can never imagine my life without my children.  They are my world.

Monday I was in court. I also booked my learners so I need to start studying because I cannot fail.

Monday night I had my first night out alone and without the children. Headed over to Hugo’s place and had a very relaxed night with friends. Drinking wine, eating cheese, trying chilly for he first time (it was not for me) and then playing a bit of playstation. I learnt to play golf how weird is that?

Tuesday I was planning on working because I was off on Monday. Got to the station and waited for a train, needless to say I waited for a train that was never planning on arriving.

So how was your long long weekend?

* This was originally posted on Scaredmom’s Blog


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