Thank you Mama

By now you must have seen it every where in cyber space…

The ThankYouMama movement is making waves and popping its head out everywhere. People thanking their mothers on Youtube, blogs and basically anywhere online.

I’ve spent the last 2 weeks about how I will be thanking my mother for everything she does for me and really there are no words to discribe how much she means to me and how I can ever repay her for what she has done for me in the last 25 years!

So here goes…

Dear Mom

Thank you for everything you have ever done for me. Thank you for deciding to keep me when you found out you were pregnant and making the decision that no matter how hard being a single mom would be, I will be worth every second.

Thank you for supporting me every season that I changed my mine about what sport I’m going to do. Thank you for being a supporting mom when I decided being a Drummie is my life. You gave up so much of your time driving me to and from practice, being at every competition and making sure that I know you are proud of me.

Thank you for holding my hand through every OP I had to have when I lost my front teeth in Grade 5. Thats not even thanking you for all the money it cost you.

Thank you for being by my side when I found out I was pregnant with my first child, sitting next to in hospital, telling me what my options are and that no matter what I decide you will support me.

Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on each time Amandalynn got sick and for taking my place with her in hospital.

Thank you for giving me the oppertunity to go out and enjoy the start of my 20’s with my friends while you babysat my daughter, because you understood that I was still young.

Thank you for standing by me when I got pregnant for a second time again holding my hand.

Thank you for taking my kids and myself in when we were evicted out of our home, never once making a fuss about it.

Thank you for giving me my independence and building me a house so that my children and I never have to move again unless we want to.

Mom if I had to thank you for everything you have every done for me and how much you mean to me I will never have enough time.

You are everything to me and without you I will be lost!

I love you mom!

My mother and my uncle… 
Mommy and Me 
My Matrix farewell
* This was originally posted on Scaredmom’s Blog

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