Win with Huggies Gold

As a mother it is really important to you what products you use and do not use on your baby. There are so many different things that you look at when choosing a product. Let’s say that product is nappies, bum cream and wet wipes.

The things I look for in these products are firstly the cost. We all like to use only best on our children, but for me using the best of the best is not always an option unless I cut out on buying food for the month (my child will be clean and comfortable but we will starve)

Second on my list is a reliable brand. Huggies are one of those brands, I know that if I do have a problem with the product I can contact them, they will listen to my concern and the one bad batch of nappies I have ever received (while Amandalynn was still on diapers 4 years ago) they sent me a R100 voucher to replace 4 nappies. AWESOME.

Thirdly nothing is allowed to be scented, my kids both have allergies and eczema so that is out. Huggies range of pure wet wipes are affordable and does not irritate my children’s skin, I even use it to remove my makeup.

If you’re a Huggies Gold mom you should have seen over the last month or so that Huggies have an awesome competition running. They are asking you if you think your baby’s nappy is comfortable or not.  It’s not really that difficult a question as we all want to be comfortable no matter what we wear.  By casting you vote you stand a chance to win great prizes. See the on-pack promotion for details to stand a chance to win R1m in Huggies Gold cash refunds.

March and April is big months for Huggies as they have so many competitions that I can hardly keep up with. One of those competitions is on my blog. How awesome is that?

Huggies will be at the Bugz Play Park from 10:00 till 13:00  (Directions)  and Yellow Armidillo from 09:00 to 12:00 (Unit 2, Eclipse Park, Village Walk, Parklands, 7441) Play Gyms on Saturday 14 April 2012 .

Promotions running at the playgyms are as follows:

  • Free 64 Aloe Wipes with each packet of Huggies Gold Bulk purchased. This will cost R130.
  • A free t-shirt if a mom buys 3 packs of Huggies gold Bulk. So a mom gets 3 packets of nappies, 2 wipes and a t-shirt. This will cost R360.

If you weren’t planning on going away for the weekend and want something awesome to do with your children head on over to the play gyms on Saturday. To encourage you to get there Huggies has teamed up with me to offer a couple about 4 moms vouchers to the to the play gyms to the value of R200 each. This will include access, food and drink.

To enter comment below on what gym you would like to visit and go like the Huggies Facebook page.

For more information on Huggies go on over to their website and if you are a new mom or a mom that just loves to be in communication with other mothers check out Momville a brand new Huggies creation.

Winners will be announced on Friday 13 April 2012 @ 12:00.

Kindly note: We have had to change our venue for the Huggies Gold activation this weekend from Little Picassos’ to Bugz Play Park due to the fact that Little Picasso’s has closed down.

 * This was originally posted on Scaredmom’s Blog