25 before 26 – List update end March

In couple of months I will be 26, times flies so this year I have decided to follow some other bloggers and do a couple of things before my birthday.

Get a laptop – Belated birthday present from Hannes

Go camping with my girls for the first time  We went camping the first weekend of Feb and the girls loved it. It was Lorelai’s first time camping.

Sort out the girls closets and donate the clothing that is to big or small. 2 February 2011

Fall in love – want to do this with Hannes Daily!

Get my Maintenance shit sorted – This is not sorted yet, But I was in court on 10 February 2012 and things are moving forward. That post can be read Here

Start reading, at least a book a month. 12 books for the year. (will this then count as 1 or 12 things?) I have so far read the first and second twilight book. Both in February.

I have read the third book on my list in the month of March. Ironically the 3rd twilight book.

Something that wasn’t on my list, I had the 1st Competition on my blog and it was a great success.

I have found some great ideas for the Pirate party that Amandalynn wanted, but on Friday night she informed me she now wants a Bratz party so I have started looking for ideas

March was a slow month on my list.

I have a couple of things that I want to try to do in April, one of them is change my appearance, not change the way I look, but more enhancing what I have by taking better care of myself.  This will obviously fall under the learn to love myself section.

I got my court date for Maintenance, okay so it’s not something that I did, but my dates are 19 April with John and 30 April with his parents.

I will also FINALLY be booking my learners on 30 April.

Still attempt to do this year:

5. Go on holiday. A real one. Anywhere. Make it a road trip

6. Conquer a fear

7. Get my learners

8. Get my license

9. Watch the sunset on Table Mountain with Hannes

10. Get a BB

11. Get my Maintenance shit sorted

12. Learn to love myself

13. Do a weekend away just me and Hannes

14. Get my own car

15. Dance on bubble wrap

16. Sing karaoke

17. Plant a veggie and/or herb garden

18. Make a wall mural with recycled materials

19. Have a funky photo shoot

20. Boogey board or surf together

21. Play with instant snow

22. Do charity work together

23. Build a sandcastle on the beach

24. Go to a concert together

25. Play dress up together


26. Paint each others toenails

27. Make a daisy chain

28. Do a 5000 piece puzzle

29. Start reading, at least a book a month. 12 books for the year. (will this then count as 1 or 12 things?)  Still 9 to go!

30. Cook through a cookbook – start to finish

31. Update my will

32. Arrange an awesome Party for Amandalynn

Cant think of anything else, but will add-on! Feel free to suggest anything!

 * This was originally posted on Scaredmom's Blog

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