Weekend round up

My weekend did not go one little bit as I planned it.

My plan was to relax on Friday night, go shopping on saturday morning while the maid does the cleaning, get ready for Julie’s party and spend the day sunday out somewhere as a family.

Do you know what happens when you plan everything perfectly? I goes to shit quickly!

Tuesday the girl that works with me contracted hand, foot and mouth decease, I was planning on using her maid. I cannot use her maid because HFMD is contagious by touch and I don’t want her spreading that to my house.

So I decieded to skip on the relaxing and clean my house and start on the washing.  Then the rest of my weekend can go as planned.

Friday morning Hannes called me at work to inform me that Lorelai has her first sport day the next day. Lovely. Phoned the school to get the info and the sport day is until 12:00. There goes calm shopping.

But as I am Party-Mama-Zilla I can handle anything. I quickly made the decision to do rush shopping friday night, go to the sport day, clean house after and then get ready for the party.

As this stage I knew I had to stop planning.  I knew deep down inside something was going to go terrible wrong. Very very wrong. But I was hoping…

Friday night arrived and we went shopping, as a family ALL 4 of us. I hate going shopping with Hannes as her runs through every aisle and gets annoyed with me for taking to long, as I compare prices and look at everything 3 times before deciding. Planning how whatever I buy affects my already to damn tight budget.

I ended up spending more money than planned. But one thing was off my to do list.

We had a quick egg on bread supper and send the kids off to bed, I was too tired to do anything but unpack the things we got so. I relaxed a little.

Fast Forward 01:00 am Lorelai started to get sick over everything without stopping. As soon as we got her in a new bed, thinking it is over, she started all over again. until 04:00 am. At a stage i was contemplating sleeping in the car and let Hannes deal with her.

By 08:00 we were all up and dresses and ready to go to Lorelai’s first extra mural activity.

It was crap. Sorry I know I should be all rainbows and unicorns, but I’m not. It was not planned well at all! Not organised carefully according to the different age groups.

Lorelai’s first run she was excited and ready to run, but I had to hold her back for about 5 min for them to decided they are no ready to have the children run and she just refused, I almost had to pull her towards and over the finish line.

The second race was on her black bike, again she was ready but they took to damn long and she just got off her bike and walked in a different direction.

They left the kids go again on the bikes and without cheating (like the child who won – mother pushed child all the way) she came second. I was very proud of my little girl.

Amandalynn was bored out of her mind.

We went to get Boerewors Rolls, but after 20min of waiting I returned the tickets and went home.

We spent most the day cleaning and doing washing. Lorelai looked absolutely fine, nothing was wrong with her.

But again I was counting my chickens before they hatched. 18:00 I went to take a shower then to get ready for an awesome party. I got out of the shower and Lorelai got sick again.

I decided to skip the party as I cannot leave my child with my mother if she is getting sick all over the place.

I was very sad and disappointed but parenting came first right?

She looked fine after but I was not going to take the chance.

I packed my nice little slutty 80’s outfit away and sorted my children out.

20:30 they went to bed. Lorelai waited a full 10min and then got sick again, I gave her meds and after that she was fine for the entire evening!

I am/was/will always be so pissed off with myself for not leaving her with my mother.

Sunday I did more washing and watched my children as they played!

My weekend did not go as planned, but it was not all bad.


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