Making choices…

Have you ever been asked that if you have to pick between your life and the life of your children, who will you choose.

The answer is easy, MY children.

But for those of you that have more than one child and you are given the option of saving one and yourself or none, which will you choose?

Will you be able to pick between your 2 or more children?

I have been thinking about this for a very long time. I cannot choose!

How do you choose between your children? What options do you look at to help you make the decision?

A little while back there was a mother who drove home with her toddler (I think) and her sixteen year old son. The road was slippery and it was raining and they ended up going over and landing in a river/dam type thing. She had two children to save as they went under. She could not see anything in the water, she decided to open the door and save the first child she could feel.

In some way her son got her daughter loose and she got hold of the little girl first. By the time she got out, she knew it was too late to save her other child. She wanted to go back in and save him, but there were already people that stopped her from going back in.

She knew that she could only save one.

How sad is that!

I won’t be able to decide. I mean I love my girls equally.

How do you live after making the decision that saves only one of your children?

You can say that it was out of your control and you did what you could. But how can you breathe after that?

Okay so that was my ramble for the day!


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