A parents worst fear…

Last week 2 parent’s worst fears came true.

First a child was locked in at his school at the age of 15 months!

Shocking right.

Story in short is that the schools closed at 17:00, teacher locked up and set alarm not knowing there was still a child inside. Parent showed up at 17:15 in front of a closed school, calls wife, realises child is inside school and then waits till 17:40 for someone to come and unlock the school. Read full story here 

Now here is my opinion.

Firstly why does the school not have a sign in and sign out system? My school has one. If the end of the day you see a child has not been signed out and you cannot find them you call the parents, if the did pick up child and not signed out you charge them for the call! Simple and easy.

School is at fault here!

Secondly your child school closes at 17:00, you only show up at 17:15! Why did you not call the school to let them know you were going to be late? I mean really? I phone my kid’s school if I am not there by 17:50 as our school closes at 18:00!

School is at fault here!

Now what completely boggles me is the following!

You hear your child inside the school – crying and you wait another 30 min for someone to come and unlock before you get your child. I would take me a full 20 seconds after realising my child is in the school (time it takes me to find something to break the window) to get in and get my child.

Moral of the story both the parents and the school are at fault here!

Second a child age 4 was left at the beach after a school outing.

How does that happen?

Yes I know it happens easily, but how?

Teacher is apparently in shock and so is the child!

Background on the situation that the principal gave a close friend of mine: Child is age 4 and in Grade 00. School goes on a beach outing every year. Kids had fun, kids got counted, and kids got on bus and went back to the school. Except one child was still playing in the sand. Bus was half way back to school when the school received a call that there is a child at Blouberg beach that belongs to them. Principal hops on his BIKE (yes his bike) drives to Blouberg, gets there finds kind lady with child. Lady freaks out that he cannot let child ride on bike offers the take child to school in HER car. Child might be shocked not sure.

I know the school where this happened and hear the story from the principal. My children are not in that school.

Die Burger did an article about it “Skool vergeet kind op strand

Accidents happen! It cannot be helped. When you have so many kids you can count miss.

School is at fault here!

Principal gets on BIKE to fetch child left on beach! His F$%^ing BIKE! There are 3 teachers that I know of that have cars at school! He could have taken one of those!

Principal is an IDIOT! Or maybe just stressed and did not think.

He lets the child drive in a stranger’s car while he follows on his bike. There are so many different things wrong with that!


This all makes me think about the 3 outings that Amandalynn has scheduled for this year and how I know that Hannes will not let her go unless I go with!

So that my ramble for the day!!

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