I am slowly losing my mind and the hair on my daughters head!


Yes head lice!

This is what I have been dealing with this week!

On Monday 13:30 they tried to steal my mothers car at the station, thankfully they failed. 5 mins after my mother told me this Amandalynn’s school called to inform me that she ha lice.

That night I checked her hair, my mother checked her hair, but we could not find anything! I treated her hair just incase.

Tuesday night she came home telling me that her teacher says she still has lice. She is very proud of this. Because her and 2 other friends have it.

I treated her hair again and still could not find anything.

Wednesday night she came home, I checked her hair and it was filled with nits, no lice just nits.

I did the drive to the 24 hours pharmacy got a new treatment and treated her hair again.

She hates it as her hair is very long.

Last night she came home and she had more nits and I even found a couple of live ones. Treated her head again. It took me over an hour. Her hair is very fine so the combs don’t work I have to sit and pull each nit out with my fingers and I do not have nails!!!

This morning I did a quick check, but could not find any live ones, still seeing a couple of nits but treated it again.

I am getting very gatvol of this situation. there is one kid in her class who constantly has it, her best friend, so I have to struggle because this moth is not prepared to treat it or not really trying!

I have use 4 different lice products. I use tee tree oil daily on her head. We spray her head with Lavender daily. I have washed and rinsed with vinager (this apparently drieds the nits and loosens them) also lemon juice.

I am turning into a freak show as my child is sent to school with extra treatment in her hair so that something new cannot get on.

Anything else I can try?


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