Lorelai 2nd Birthday Party – Minnie Mouse (part 6)

To my own surprise I was up at 08:00 that day. Everything was calm and I was ready.

I had my coffee and siggy followed by a shower, finishing myself up – including doing my hair and got on with the set up before the party.

everything was fine until I received an SMS from a guest informing me that they will only be there @ 12:30 some domestic issue and I need to send the directions again. I flipped, not because she was going to be late, but my mind went into over drive.

The invitation said 11:00 and Facebook said 12:00 I did send emails and message and even Skype to inform everyone that the correct time is @ 11:00. I ran around like crazy checking and re checking that I was right. I mean the pets are only for 1 hour and 30 minutes and if the guests only come at 12:00 them they will only get 30 min with the pets.

Can you see me smoking 10 ciggarets at once?

I replied to said guests with directions and the correct time and hoped that they could make it. I then decided to follow same persons advise and just calm the fuck down. I put my phone on silent and waked way.

My brothers, father and Hannes were setting things up outside – unsupervised! I checked every couple of minutes to make sure all is perfect until I actually stepped outside and everything was soaked! as in wet under water.

I freaked again. They in turn told me to calm down. Everything was wet and under water how was this suppose to dry before 11:00? I ran into my mom’s home and sobbed in her bedroom. Totally losing it.

She sorted them out and within a couple of seconds the water was off and I could almost breath again.

Lorelai was very excited about her party but kept referring to herself as 4 and not 2. She even made a pee on the big toilet!

 I was done setting up by 10:50! Perfect! I was so proud of myself.

The first car stopped outside and it was Lynne. Punishing me for being 30min early for Liam’s party the previous weekend.

11:10 there was still no other guests and the Pets people have still not shown up. I panicked some more.

In the panick I deleted her number off my cell instead of calling her. Tried getting the number off my email but the connection was so slow. Eventually I got the number and called. She didn’t answer. In my mind, she has stolen my money and will not be showing up to the party!

No how am I going to entertain the kids?

How will I manage to smile and everything is a flop?

She called me back saying that is in front of my house and if I could open the gate for her. My head looked to every corner of the street, I even walked outside into the road, but no party people.

She had the address wrong. I gave her new directions and she said she is on her way.

Guests started to arrive.

No pets people.

More guests arrived. Celeste even impressed my with her mad domestic skills when she showed up with a blanket! I had to do one better so I got out  a bigger blanket. (By now the ground was dry so I stressed for nothing)

Finally the pets people arrived.

I have never been so happy to see animals.

Evil Goat and Evil Chicken

Mr Evil Goat was a big hit with my 2 kids. They just loved feeding him and Lorelai even asked me if she could keep him.

Lorelai Holding EVIL Chicken 
Isabella and the Rat
Feeding Evil Animals

I didn’t do party packs for the children – I feel that they are a waste. But they had a kiddy food table to help themselves and we will refill if it looks empty.

The adults had a snack table as well as a wine table. One of the little things that made my heart very happy.

Again she looked to damn cute!!!

Lorelai took a liking to Dylan (I don’t blame her he is supper cute – she has actually asked about him a couple of times after the party) She were together a lot during the party.


Reluctant Mom’s daughter has the most beautiful hair. I could just not stop staring at her!

Just look at that head of hair!!!!! You can see mommy Celeste on the left! 

When it came time to cutting the cake and singing I tried to get all the kids together. But the photographer (my mother) kept getting her finger in the picture so this is the prettiest one that I have.

Towards the end of the party the kids found the bikes hidden in the back year and it took over the party.

All and all the party was great, the guests were great and I even sat down and relaxed during the party. I had time to chat to almost all the guests.

View the full party album here


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