Preparing for the party!!!! Lorelai 2nd Birthday Party – Minnie Mouse (part 5)

Its been almost a month since Lorelai’s 2nd birthday party and I have still not blogged about it. Anita has been on my case about this.

The Friday before the party I still had so much to do and obviously my stress level was not making it!

I got home and still had to go shopping!

Most of this was for the party and about a third was for our own use.

I decorated the cookies for the party. I was going to make little faces, but that got difficult quickly I had a panick attack and Hannes took over! Her decided that little bows would just have to do.

I made little juice bottle for each child. Okay I decorated Oros juice bottles.

In my state of panic I found time to colour my hair.

My mother made Lorelai’s little outfit. I think the outfit was actually the best part of the party. Amandalynn was upset about the fact that she only got a top and not a skirt, but my mother promised her that for her own birthday she will get one.

I set everything out the night before so that I can take my time to get ready in the morning.

My mother made the cake and I think it was awesome. It obviously did not look like and shop cake, but it was made with love and tasted awesome.

Elaine – the good friend that is. Offered to bake the cupcakes for this party and help me decorate them on the Thursday night.

At this point it was past one and I was so ready to go to bed. My house was clean and I was ready for the next day.


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