Child Support/ Maintenance (Amandalynn) Part 7

I was scheduled to be in court at 09:00 court B where I have always gone. I got to court at 08:50 with a huge smile on my face. I was happy but also nervous, I know the type of person he is, I know what he is capable of and how charming he can be and that most people believed his lies as they say he has an honest face.

I went to sit down in front of court B and waited, I did not see him anywhere, figured he is probably already in court. But I waited outside reading my book. If you have ever been in a court room and you had to sit at the back in a little row of benches with all the other people, most of them criminals, you also feel like one, even if you are innocent. In the past the court always made me feel guilty, like what I was doing is wrong.

Today was different, today I felt like a winner. I cannot really describe the feeling, but I felt good, I felt confident.

I waited till 09:10 and a guy from the court came around to read names of people who need to follow him, he did not read my name. I continued to wait and read. Trying not to look up, I did not want to see him enter. I was not sure that I could control my anger. I kept my face down.

A couple of minutes later the same guy that called the names earlier returned and asked if anyone was here for maintenance, I raised my hands and he asked me if I was Miss Coetzee, I obviously answered yes. He told me to follow him. He led me in direction of the back court; it was outside of the court building in something that looked like a one of those containers they use to ship things.

The first thought that crossed my mind is that are going to lock all the men who own maintenance inside and ship them off to some or other country where they kill you without asking questions.

I went inside, sat down and started reading my book again.

2 cases appeared and they announce that a couple of defendants have not yet arrived.

Next they called my name and his, I introduced myself. I did not say that he was not here yet. I waited until they asked.

Prosecutor: Is Mr. John Edward Grose here? (I’m using his name with the hope that if he gets involved with any girl again she can find him and read this and run very fast or him and his parents will be ashamed by his action sand either move to another country or pay maintenance!)

Me: No, I have not seen him.

Prosecutor: Do you think he will come today?

Me: I do not know as we do not have contact.

Prosecutor: Has his amount of maintenance that he is behind changed?

Me: Yes it has, he has made no payments.

Prosecutor: Can you please give me the amount?

Me: I can give you a printout. (I got up and walked over to the bench and handed the piece of paper over.)

The man raised one eye and just gave a little laugh, at Mr. Grose expense not mine.

I sat back down.

Another couple appeared and they addressed me again.

Prosecutor: Miss Coetzee how much time do you think we should give him?

Me: I have the entire day, but as he is coming from Randburg and he is not here yet, I assume he will not come today.

Prosecutor: Will it be okay if we give him till 11:00?

Me: Yes that will be fine.

I continued to read my book and every time a new couple appeared or the door opened, my heart skipped a little beat as I was wondering if he will show up.

Finally at 10:30 we got a break, I went to the entrance to have a siggy and calm my nerves. I do not know why I was nervous as I was here fighting for my child.

On my way back to court, John came walking in my direction. I felt like knocking his face into the wall.

Mr. Grose: Hallo you are late.

I’m thinking the fucking cheek he has to tell me I AM LATE!

Me: No I was here on time and you are wasting my time. Follow me the court is waiting for you. (Used the most bitchy rude tone I could come across)

Mr. Grose: You have not changed have you?

Me: Towards you? Never! Now walk faster.

He was following me; I entered the court room and announced that he has arrived. The prosecutor asked me to wait outside until they came to see us.

I sat down on a little step and continued to read my book. Mr. Grose tried to have a conversation with me but I ignored him flat.

Eventually after what felt like forever the prosecutor came out and talked to MR Grose, I sat watching, wanting to walk closer but I stayed on the step waiting to be called.

The prosecutor motioned to me to come over, I did with a smile. I could see in his face that he was not impressed with Mr. Grose and whatever was said did not impress him.

The conversation was all over the place, I cannot remember everything clearly but I think it’s because I want to cut out every word that was said by him. Bits and pieces that were said went a little something like this:

Prosecutor: Miss Coetzee. Mr. Grose is still unemployed and we would like to make this matter a financial investigation, which means it will no longer be a maintenance matter until Mr. Grose is employed. (This means the maintenance that he is behind will be written off)

Me: that is fine with me.

Mr. Grose: I want to apply for a deduction in maintenance.

Prosecutor: Mr. Grose you misunderstand you cannot apply for a deduction as you cannot pay.

Mr. Grose: the court in Randburg told me I could!!!

Prosecutor: but you can’t! You clearly do not understand.

Me: Mr. Grose be quiet and listen to the Prosecutor

Prosecutor: Mr. Grose claims to be unemployed since beginning of 2010.

Me: his fiancé told me that he has been unemployed since beginning 2011.

Mr. Grose: she is not my finance anymore we do not even live together.

Me: then why does she still send a card ever birthday and Christmas for Amandalynn from you.

Mr. Grose: because she cares about Amandalynn.

Prosecutor: if you do not work how did you afford to come down?

Mr. Grose: my mother paid.

Prosecutor: But then she can cover your maintenance until you are employed again.

Mr. Grose (nostrils flaring): My mother will not, she went to court after our first court hearing to protect herself from being sued for maintenance.

Prosecutor: ms Coetzee you can sue the parents.

Me: my documentation is in my handbag to hand in with Mrs. Manuel.

As I said that Mrs. Manuel walked past. I greeted her mid conversation; she recognized me immediately and told me that I have to come sign my new application in her office. It is really sad that at such a busy court with so many maintenance matters, that Mrs. Manuel remembers my face.

We went into the court to see the judge she explained everything to us about the financial investigation and our new court date is 19 April 2011.

I am happy that this matter has finally reached an end.

What most people do not understand that maintenance is a life time commitment! Not just a once off.

I usually don’t do things like this but I have a message to send.

To Nora & Brian Grose the parents of John Edward Grose

I’m sending you this message as I know as soon as you get a letter from the court saying that I am suing you for maintenance you will start to investigate me. I need/want you to know that everything I do is for my children. Your child cannot pay his maintenance so the responsibility now falls on to you, as it has been my parent’s responsibility for so many years. You can do one of two things, you can make this hard and messy or you can just not fight me and pay maintenance. You need to step up and stop protecting your son and pay maintenance. You need to start looking after you grandchild like you look after you other 3 grandchildren.

My promise to you is that I will not rest. I will not stop. I will not give up. I will continue fighting this battle for my daughter until the day she can take care of herself. I WILL WIN THIS for my daughter.

The mother of your grandchild.



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