Why I have been lost in translation!

I have really been a very bad blogger.

Yes I am sorry.

I am planning bit things for this year, but for some or other reason I just cannot get started on anything!

I am so far behind in post and photo’s that I will try and bore you to death with things you might have already seen on facebook. For that I am sorry.

On the personal side of things, life is actually looking ok for a change…

Hannes and I have our hiccups but we are still here and together. That counts for something doesn’t it.

I have a couple of things that I am having checked out soon first would be my appointment to the dermatologist on 27 February – I have this mole type thing under my arm (had it all my life) it always have been big but now (lets say last 2/3 years) it has changed colour and shape.

Yes I know about that thing called cancer it lives in my family!

But the reason why I am actually having it looked at is a) I have had it looked at by a GP, she looked at it and said, it’s nothing to worry about. b) Hannes’s mother told me that I a not welcome in her home before I do, c) my GP told me that I am stupid for still having it under my arm.

So on the 27th I will have it looked at by a person that knows what he id doing.

On Friday I have another court date with Amandalynn’s father. On the one side I am looking forward to it as it feels like things are moving in an upwards direction, but on the other hand I am dreading the fact that I will be stuck in court for who knows how many hours and I have to be there.

Lorelai is potty training.

We went camping as a family

Lorelai is in a new school – have I told you about that?

Lorelai’s 2nd birthday party

Lice – need I say more?

So that was my ramble for the day…


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