Today is a big day! you are almost grown up!!!

Today is Lorelai’s second Birthday! I cannot believe that my little Princess is 2.

This morning she did a number one on the loo and also told me that she is actually 4.

Baby girl I love you with all my heart and soul.

I found this poem and it is perfect for this day.

It’s your birthday
And I’d like to say
I wish you health
I wish you wealth
I wish you soul joy
A day you will enjoy
with friends and loved ones
laughter in the tons.

You are a joy to my heart
right from the start
A fighter you are
so reach for that star
Keep reaching high
your dreams will come true
I know this of you.

Live with no regrets
for misery that begets
See every day as a fresh page
to write your play for the stage
You’re an actor my daughter
in this grand life theatre
So rise and take a bow
It’s your day so act now

I'm so big I get to hang upside down!


5 thoughts on “Today is a big day! you are almost grown up!!!

  1. Happy Birthday to your baby girl!!

    She shares a very special day with my hubby (his 30th birthday today) 😉

    May your day be filled with all a 2 year old princess can wish and hope for Lorelai xx


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