Parenting Do’s and Don’t

I’m mom to Max, and writer of the blog I recently left a magazine career to go into freelance writing, editing and social media consulting, and my loves include running, Apple products, Glee, Essie, Hello Kitty and the newly launched choc chip yoghurt from Woolworths.

 What I’m likely to do as a mom:

  • Kiss and hug my son a lot
  • Speak to my son in adult talk
  • Let him play in the mud and water, because really, is there harm in it?
  • Set boundaries and give him a structured yet very adaptable “routine”
  • Jump on the bed with Max
  • Let him play with dolls, makeup, cars and Lego – as long as he’s enjoying what he’s playing with, that’s cool
  • Encourage, nurture and remind him that he’s awesome
  • Be honest, friendly and warm, while remembering that I’m still his parent, not his friend
  • Teach kindness, compassion and consciousness
  • Give the occasional cupcake or biscuit for breakfast
  • Explain a lot

 What I’m unlikely to do as a mom:

  • Speak in baby talk
  • Get panicked over small stuff
  • Shout a lot
  • Allow bad manners and bad behaviour (please and thank-you a must!)
  • Buy a toy car every time Max wants one (a hard one – that bottom lip and crying make me sad)
  • Say things like: “Finish your food because there are starving children in Africa”, “Don’t disrespect me. I carried you for nine months”, and “I’m the best mom there is”
  • Expect and push my child into being a sportsperson/lawyer/doctor/swimming champ etc
  • Let my child have a Blackberry. iPhones only (just kidding – thought I’d throw in some humour here!)
  • Go ice skating, bungee jumping or roller skating with my child – I draw the line at what feels safe for me, and what I’m even coordinated enough to do
  • Coat my child in a protective bubble (metaphorically speaking)

Tanya thank you for doing this post for me! You have the most beautiful son and ps: I love you shoes!



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