Why do I torture myself into believing that I am Superwomen? – Lorelai 2nd Birthday Party – Minnie Mouse (part 4)

I have been talking abut Lorelai’s birthday party for months now! The things that I want to do and the things that I can do.

A hell of a lot of planning has gone into this party!

I like doing these things myself as I feel that it is important for my children to see how important they are to me.

I have done a lot and now it feels like I have done nothing!

I am stressed!

The party is on Saturday and I have about 10 days of work that I still need to do before then!

Now if you are good with math you can calculate that my children have 2 parents so it’s about 5 days worth of things to do for each parent.

Problem one: We only have 4 days!

Problem two: I have to go shopping on Wednesday night so in actual fact we only have 3 days and now I am stressed!

I do this to myself every year! I start planning months before and it all seems perfect! I work out a schedule and sort of stick to it. Then the week before the party I realize that there is no chance of me finishing everything on time and I get stressed.

Stressed = me getting less done!

Hannes is a great help and I would be lost without him helping me, but I am still stressed.

For all coming to the party on Saturday if it is an unfinished mess I am sorry!

If it is perfect and I look less stressed and happy make sure to mention to me how awesome everything is and how awesome I am for getting it all done and that I stressed for nothing!

<Say that anyway okay?!>

I have mentioned the words “I” 22 times (not including this sentence) in 293 words!


5 thoughts on “Why do I torture myself into believing that I am Superwomen? – Lorelai 2nd Birthday Party – Minnie Mouse (part 4)

  1. It is an inherent ‘chick thing’ this Superwoman thing of which you speak 😉

    You ARE doing a great job and the party WILL be SUPERB! xo

    Look forward to the pics!


  2. You know what, Good Luck! I do the same thing! I’m sure it will be superb! As long as the moment the guests arrive, forget about the things that aren’t done and aren’t perfect and enjoy her day with her


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