Lack of Parenting

I plan on continuing with the parenting features that I ran last year as I still have a couple of posts that was gifted to me by other mommy bloggers.

The subject line of this post says it all.

Sometimes as a parent you need a reminder that you are doing okay that you are actually a good parent and you are doing the best for your kids. My idea of the best is not always the same as yours, but we all do as much as we can.

Some things I believe makes you a good parent:

Not having your child sit in front of the TV 24/7. I not against TV don’t get me wrong but for a little child limits should be set. My kids get to watch Tv but I limit how much and what they get to watch. Having a 4-year-old watch any program they want like vampire or anything violent. Ben10 is one of the things my kids are not at all allowed to watch.

Teaching my child manners and how to behave in public. I know this is the most basic rule, but it scares me that so many parents do not teach this to their children. Children who cannot say please and thank you, children who speak to adults like they are children.

Childhood drinking! Yes I know in a previous post Lorelai sat with a beer! I can lie and say it was empty but that’s not me. My kids will take a sip of wine or beer every once in while, but having you child walk around with a shot glass in hand and every person they walk past fills it for them with what ever they are drinking is not okay.

Having you little girl dress like a stripper! At a certain age we have to allow our kids to choose for themselves but really does your child need to look like a prostitute when they leave the house in the morning? You are still the parent and need to check what you child is wearing.

What do you think is bad parenting? Please share you thoughts in the comment section or do a post and link it up.


4 thoughts on “Lack of Parenting

  1. For some reason I am really opposed to children with a drink in their hand — I realise that a sip of alcohol is not going to kill them, but for some reason something in me totally freaks out when I see a child take a sip of an adult drink.

    I know for a lot of parents it is funny for their kid to sip a beer and them to take a photo and then put it on Facebook. But – for me – I really really cannot bear children being given alcohol by their parents.

    I know I am a very lax parent, and blasé about most things – but my definite trigger is kids + alcohol …..

    Thanks for this post, I have had the same thoughts rattling in my head for a few days….. xxx


  2. I agree with all the above. One I feel strongly about is children with no manners. Helped my cousin at a bday party a few weeks ago and none of the kids there said thank you when given food. Really grates me


  3. Manners. Respect. An appreciation for what they have & learning not to take it for granted. Empathy for people & children who have nothing. Knowing the value of working hard for the things you want out of life even if you have parents who can afford to shower you with all the luxuries.

    I just want to send good, well-rounded people into the world. Such a big responsibility!

    Thanks for this post. Definitely food for thought.


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