23 December 2011

By this time I was on the farm for 3 full days… Having with the kids and family.

The girls were having a blast!

Lorelai worked on her drinking habits, she just loves beer. Yes I know my child should not be drinking but she looks so cute!

Sip one

Sip two

I didn’t have any it was dad!

The girls spent 2 days without their dad and they missed him so much. He arrived the night very late and Lorelai was already sleeping. The next day they played until the girls was so tired they could hardly move!

Boys will always be children! Hannes spent most of his time playing with the kids, like the kids on the grass.

Hannes and Kobus are brothers, obviously! Wiko (Kobus’s son) is 3 months older than Lorelai. The brothers and there kids. They just loved playing together.

Hannes & Wiko

Hannes & Kobus

Hannes & Lorelai

Kobus & Wiko

Joylene is the youngest brothers girlfriend who lives on the farm. She is very good with the girls, each time they are on the farm Lorelai is on her hip constantly.

Joylene & Lorelai

Amadalynn just loves it here. For me these trips are very important as Amandalynn actually only has my family and the fact that Hannes’s family accepted her from day one means the world.  She loves spending time with Hannes’s father (Step father but he raised him as his own) when ever she gets to see him, she does not leave him alone.

Her big pink bike came all the way from Cape Town as I knew she would love riding it on the farm.

Lorelai obviously stole the heart of the entire family. As soon as she decides they are allowed to communicate with her or even touch her, she does not leave them alone. The fact that they are all constantly feeding her like she hasn’t eaten in weeks, helps the bonding relationship.

*Ouma (In English she would be the Grandmother) does not get to see Lorelai often but when she does she spends a lot of time hugging and kissing her making up for all the lost time.

Sharing a Hug


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