Huggies little Swimmers

On 20 December 2011 while packing for our awesome vacation to the farm I got a call from a courier company. I received a very awesome care pack for the summer.

Huggies has sent me a couple fo sample swimming nappies and a the awesome orange little swimmers towel.

I did not pack the towel for our vacation but I did pack the sample nappies. What better time to test them than as soon as possible?

Our second day on the farm the girls wanted to swim, I’m thinking why not try the nappy?

Needless to say it started raining 2 minutes after the kids went out side.

I left the nappy on her and 20 min later my sister-in-law came to tell me than while Lorelai was placed on her hip, she peep on her.

I obviously laughed.

Its funny…

The problem was not the nappy but my daughters funny little legs. Her tummy is big but her tummy is the perfect size for the nappy but her legs do not fit that well.

There are big gaps all over her legs, and that is why the nappy leaked.

I have packed them away for a little closer to potty training… which will be soon like second week in Jan.


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