The first GAP in the mouth!

I previously posted about 5 Year old convinced that she is dying!Amandalynn’s little sweet baby teeth started to pack their bags to make room for her big girl teeth. When she first realised that her tooth was loose she was histerical!

Not a Happy Chappy!

On 14 December 2011 her first baby tooth said good bye! She did not go to school on that day as my mother was already on leave and she wanted to stay with granma! My mother phoned me just before I got to the office and I missed her call. Thinking that something happend or she needs something for the kids (note I left my home key for her so that she can fetch what ever she needs, out front doors are 10 meters apart) I called her back immediatly. Amandalynn answered the phone just to tell me that her tooth is out. She sounded okay, compared to what I had to go through 2 weeks before. I told her that the tooth fairy is coming that night. We said good bye and she still sounded okay. My mother took the phone and told me what really happend! Amandalynn sat on couch chewing on a skipping rope (yes she is 5 and still chews on everything but that we will cover in a different post) while watching TV. She got up and stepped on the rope and pulled her own tooth out. My mother said that she was hysterical and there was blood everywhere (clearly a sign that the tooth was not ready to come out just yet) it took my mother about 15min to calm her down. The tooth next to it is now completely skew and almost ready to come out. Even if it was not ready to start off with.



Letter to the Tooth Fairy


Letter in Shoe


5 thoughts on “The first GAP in the mouth!

  1. It is such a big moment for them. Zander’s first tooth is also loose. He wants to hear nothing about it making room for his big tooth. He wants all his baby teeth he says


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