Dear Santa

I have been very very good this year and if say you had an assistant wanting to know what I like and would want for xmas here are a couple of things…

  • I wear a lot of pink and black. I do not like red or yellow or green, I do not know why, I just don’t.
  • That would be pink!
  • I have very bad eczema so I tend to steer clear off scents and things.
  • Love love love earrings. Not a big fan of Gold, but love silver and bright colours.

  • You know I am moving so anything nice for my new home will do. I doing the modern features with vintage decor look.
  • I love Marilyn Monroe

So basically you can pack up Mr Price Home (see I’m cheap) and bring it to my house I will be a very happy girl.

I will be leaving you some cookies and milk in the drive way and you can leave the gift there as Amandalynn is scared of you.

8 thoughts on “Dear Santa

  1. You should try Tranquil Bodytreats eczema stuff, apparently it’s the bees knees. I know they just opened a new store in the Bayside Mall down there. Worth a shot? 😉


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