Grace Parenting – Parenting Styles (Part 8)

Lizanne is the creative mommy over at Clay Jar People . We have known each other for many years before I discovered the blogging world. Her blog was one of the firsts I ever read. She is awesome and creative and some days I wish that I had about an inch of her creativity!

I asked her to take part in my Parenting feature and she sais yes!

Grace Parenting

What would you call your parenting style?

Loosely I guess AP fits our style best, but I am starting to think that it’s morphing into Grace parenting.


I have always worn my baby, demand-fed, breastfed, waited until he was keen to start solids, co-slept, cloth diapered etc… But as he gets older, the need for more grace is clear. As discipline and training him become more necessary, we are finding it even more pertinent to rely on the Word of God and His Spirit to guide us in raising our son. Our need for grace, as humans is so clear every day, and as such, we have to learn to extend the same grace to our children, and not let them run amok or hold the reins too tightly. We need to teach them to be like Jesus, and model His grace to them. They need to realise that they cannot do anything without His guidance and grace.

That said, I dislike the term attachment parenting, probably because we don’t fit that mould completely. I love wearing my son, and will keep doing so, and wearing all of my future children. I love being able to be there for him, and respond to him when he needs me, whether it’s through demand-feeding or co-sleeping.

Why do you blog?

My blog  started as an outlet for my love for writing, and a way I could put all the things that inspire me, in one place. Then it moved to a fashion and modesty blog… as well as general biblical womenhood and then I got pregnant… After which my blog seems to have turned into a mommy-blog. Not ideal, but hey. I am a mama and I blog. Go figure.

What do you love about being about a parent?

I love the knowledge that this little person grew in my womb, as part of his papa and me. That he has been gifted to us by God, to cherishing and training him. That he is developing his own personality, and yet I can see traits of my husband and myself in him. I love hearing him say “mama” and smile at me. I love knowing that God is using this little boy to grow me into a more mature Christian, by teaching me patience, trust and faith.

How do you use your parenting style.

As I mentioned, I wear Elijah in various kinds of baby carriers (see for more info), specifically the Om Baba mei tai. I have found that he is much happier and calmer than a lot of babies and I put that down to the fact that I have worn him close to me for his whole life. I wear him less now that he is mobile, but when he is tired or we’re out, I just pop him in a carrier and he is happy and can sleep for a long time, as he his close to mama.

We semi co-sleep, Elijah sleeps part of the night in his own cot and then when he wakes up for a feed, we put him in bed with us for the rest of the night. This started mostly due to the need for a decent night’s sleep for both Chris and I, as we all sleep longer and better if we don’t constantly have to wake up for Elijah.

I demand feed, so when he wants milk, he gets it. Ideally I will breastfeed him until he weans himself.

The grace-parenting is a learning curve, but my opinion or idea of it is that we need to remember 2 things, our kids are little and so are exploring the world and finding out new things, and then also that they are ultimately born sinful. Thus needing grace from God and salvation, so we are called to model Christ to them daily. We believe in discipline, and a smack on the bottom or hand if the offence calls is not out of the field of options, but as we are attempting to show grace, we want to teach our children by example and my gentle correction, just as God corrects His children.

Any thing about how you parent.

I have only been a parent for 11 months, and so I am by no means an expert, but I think ultimately you have to do what works for you and for your child. Not all kids are Gina Forde babies, and not all parents are comfortable doing co-sleeping and extended breastfeeding and everything that relates to attachment parenting.

Lizanne and her Family!


Lizanne thank you so much for doing this post for me!

The next feature will follow 6 December 2011


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