Keep your child on a L.E.A.S.H!

Amandalynn grew up on her leash.


Not 24/7 but when we travel or go to a new busy place.

My child is okay with wearing her leash.

Ever since she was little she had to wear it, so it is nothing new for her. I explained to her from when she was little that if she does not wear the leash people, evil mean people will try to steal her if she runs off and she will never ever ever see me again. Maybe I have put the fear of life into my child, but I do not believe in lying to children (I do lie to her when I feel it is needed, but I try not to) kids need to know that safety matters.

So for many years Amandalynn would ask me for her leash before we left the home.

She was very proud when this got handed down to her sister earlier this year.

Amandalynn rocking her leash…

If you want to ask me if I think my child is a dog or say anything negative about this, please do not comment just walk away and go visit a perfect parent fairy blog.


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12 thoughts on “Keep your child on a L.E.A.S.H!

  1. I told my friend(she doesn’t have a baby) that I am going to buy Kamva leash for this festive season when we go to malls and she gave me the ugliest look ever. SHe said leashes are for dogs and I told would rather be labelled an evil mom then ‘lose’ my busy toddler at toys r us! Good for you C


    • The people who judge you about the leash are the same people who question you about why you were not taking better care about your child if they go missing.


  2. I have one for Mitchell too. I have gotten some funny looks and quite a few comments too but so far nothing negative (not to my face, anyway). I totally agree, it is the way to go especially when they don’t want to sit in the pram and just want to walk everywhere. I forgot it behind when we went to Pick’nPay once and even with all 3 of us keeping an eye on him, he still disappeared. It was just for a few seconds where we were all distracted but we really panicked! Found him on the other side of the cheeses!


  3. My mom had one for my brother when he was tiny (almost 30 years ago)…I’m not opposed to them at all. Rather a kid on a leash that a missing kid. So far Nicola hasn’t given me any reason to put her on one, she’s usually quite happy to chill in the trolley and try and grab things from there – but I’ll definitely get one if she does.


  4. I have mixed feelings about using a leash. I can definitely understand the inclination toward using one. I can’t stand chasing my son around a store, he’s too big to be carried, and he SCREAMS if I try to keep him in a stroller. I think it’s probably fear of being scolded by strangers that keeps me from getting one. On the other hand, if I had more than one child, I’d probably HAVE to do it!


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