Lollos Live

If you are Afrikaans you should know Lollos – The easiest way to explain this little (big) puppet man that my kids adore is to say he is the afrikaans Barney.

Back to the point…

Tara and I took our kids to go watch Lollos at Die Palms, I even got to see Christelle and Zani from Stumbling Along! Amandalynn is Lollo’s biggest/smallest little fan. I hardly got to see her that day as she was in front of the stage 24/7!

Lorelai and Ethan had their own little party.


They had their first Dance…


Shared a snowcone

The kids had a blast! I on the other hand was so ready to go home after this show was over. Some many kids! Not enough parents! Some pictures to give and idea of what it looked like.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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