Children and how I prefer to punish mine…

My girls are at a horrible age. They fight and argue over everything you can imagine!

I am so tired of constantly have to break up a fight.

They are G.I.R.L.S , or at least as the person who got them into this world, I was under that impression.

They have an 3 and a half year age gap, I was under the impression that it was the perfect gap but I was SOOOOO wrong.

Amandalynn is calm soul. She will not a pick a fight with you over something she has and you want,she will just hand it over. It is a lot of work to teach my little girl tostand up for herself.

She responds well to the mention of a hiding. She will 90% of the time stop what ever she is doing and listen. For her being placed on her bed or on the mat in the bathroom is a treat.

Lorelai has a very strong personality and for a 21 month old she is very vocal. If she wants something she will fight until she gets it. She does not really respond to getting a hiding. She will either scream her head off for the next hour or she will turn around and slap her sister as it is her fault she got a hiding, even when Amandalynn is not invloved.

I try different things with Lorelai, I have her sit on a the bathroom mat, in clear view of everything – she can see us and we continue with our lives but she is not allowed to get up until the timer goes off. For such a little person it works very well.

When the tantrums are bad I put her in her cot and then I leave the room. I cannot take a child who screams over nonsense!

I use the 1,2,3 smack over the bum method with my children. I have trained them well. With Amandalynn by the time I say 2 she listens (like a said 90% of the time) but with Lorelai I have to say 3 and then she only listens.

It is a pleasure taking my children to other people’s houses as they are mostly well behaved and people always tell me it is a joy having my children around.

Im sure they are just saying it, because they are little monsters at home.

Back to the point of this post…

Naughty Corner

What do you see?

I see two children that have been placed in the corner because I am at my wits end with all the fighting between the 2 of them.

You cannot imagine what this particular argument was about…

A broom, yes a freakin B.R.O.O.M

Two children who cry when they have to help clean their room where having an argument about a broom.

I put them in the corner and made them stand there for a couple of minutes, then they had to hug, kiss and say sorry to each other for fighting.

The rest of the evening there was silence in my house.

Just the way I like it.

How do you punish your children?


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