The Golden gift for all Mothers – Review

A little while ago I got this gift from Pampers SA:

It has taken me a very long time to write this post as I wanted to finish both packs of nappies before I tell the world what I think.

At first the nappy was a little bit scary, I mean it is so damn thin!

I have plasters thicker than that!

I have always been a proud (read cheap) mother as I feel all nappies are the same, only the price is different (and in the pat that was so very true) but my life has been changed.

My child has been dry for an entire month!

Her bum does not look like world war 2 after every pee (now it only looks that way after a poo, nothing I can do about that)

Since the 13 October I have used about 60 Pampers nappies, 20 Cuddlers nappies and 4 Eco Friendly nappies.

They are awesome!

I have now changed my daughters nappy.

Reasons why I have changed:

1 – for the first time ever what they say on the packaging about the product is actually true.

2 – my child has been dry for almost a month.

3 – her bedding has been dry for almost a month.

4 – she has started potty training because of the world war 2 bum thing, but even with the nappy on she can still wear her panty and not look like she has 2 pairs of pants on

5 – Lorelai loves the nappy.

Thank you again to the girls at Pampers for giving me this gift of Gold.

I will never ever use another nappy again!

PS: This nappy is on special at Clicks and Dischem this month!

I have been nominated for the SA Blog Awards 2011, If you are feeling kind please click on the link in my side bar or here to vote for me… Voting closes 9 November 2011 🙂


7 thoughts on “The Golden gift for all Mothers – Review

  1. We got a pack of pampers premium when we went for a great expectations shoot about 2 months ago and we used the nappies during the day with no issues but at night it leaked. Kamva would have her last bottle at 8:30 but wake up wet. Tried it the following night and same thing happened so she wears pampers premium during the day and pampers active at night no issues. My issues with the premium is that at the back the lining thing is non existant 😦 I love that its thin but I think pampers active is much much better for us. With that said I am glad its treating Lorelai well 🙂


    • My experience with Pampers active was completely different, I use to use the Pampers active for Amandalynn at night and during the day used the huggies dry comfort and all was fine, then with Lorelai I tried doing the same thing, but she woke up soaked every morning, so I just used the huggies day and night. My child drinks about 2 bottles at night and was dry most mornings. But with the premium care she has been dry every morning and I now only use 3 nappies a day (morning when she wakes up, before afternoon nap and at night after bath) will use a 4th one if she has a off schedule poo (her poo time is just before her bath time)

      How is Kamva doing?


  2. This nappy business is odd hey! We now use huggies gold and i love it. No wet baby so far! Kamva is good just the eczema has come back after so many months of nothing I think its the weather that triggered it? She’s on advantan(sp)


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